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How Can Your Sales Professionals Benefit from Business Acumen?

Be a partner, not a salesman.

Acumen Learning believes this motto is what drives success in sales. To be the best partner, you need to know what your customer is looking for and what drives success for them. Do you know how your customer makes money? Do you know the financial position of their company? Do you know what their driving factor is for partnering with you?

John Barrows, a well known financial consultant stated:

“In B2B sales, lack of business acumen is like a person without a medical background trying to make a diagnosis (opportunity assessment), identify a disease (pain point), and prescribe the appropriate medicine or therapy (business solution).”

We feel that business acumen is just as essential for business and sales professionals, as a medical degree is for doctors. As much as it is knowing how to sell, it’s also knowing your customers and being an uplifting and beneficial partner to them. Understanding their professional background, industry, company, and even some personal background, will help prepare your team to better align and connect your organization's solutions to your customer's strategic objectives and financial metrics.

We teach a Building Business Acumen For Sales course that teaches the 5 drivers we believe all companies focus on. Throughout this course, we teach sales professionals how to align their products or services with the roles of individual corporate stakeholders, how to prove the investment, and then teach them how to effectively present and communicate these ideas to help your team achieve financial success. After the course, your sales time will be able to confidently identify, analyze, create and present opportunities to your customers, that will not only help them succeed but also be seen as a trusted partner.

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