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Join us for one of our two free monthly trainings: Business Acumen Previews or Earnings Call Labs.


In our Business Acumen Previews, we'll cover a topic from our world-renowned business acumen course or from our bestseller, Seeing The Big Picture. During our Earnings Call Lab where one of our senior consultants will teach you how to effectively listen to an earnings call. An earnings call is a quarterly event when the company's senior executive team highlights financial performance, progress, and strategy.

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How to Listen to an Earnings Call: Chevron

Earnings Call Lab

October 27, 11 am - 12 pm ET

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn a process for listening to earnings calls.
2. Get a free workbook and financial calculator.
3. Further develop your financial and business acumen.


What Your CEO Needs You to Know

Business Acumen Lab

November 18, 11 am - 12 pm ET

Your executive team wants the entire business, not just a single unit, to be profitable. They want all employees to understand and contribute to how your company makes money, and employees want to feel that the work they do is worthwhile and makes a difference. The problem is that most people “in” business, don't “get” business — they lack understanding of strategy, finance and business acumen. Bestselling author Kevin Cope — writer of Seeing the Big Picture — will teach you the fundamental elements of all companies and help you be seen as a major contributor.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Use the 5 Business Drivers® to improve your strategic, financial and business acumen.

  2. Understand how your entire company — not just your department or team — makes money.

  3. Learn five principles that CEOs expect their employees to understand.

  4. Learn how to speak the language of your CEO and CFO.

  5. Learn the keys to improving employee engagement.



11 am ET

Earnings Call Lab




11 am ET

Earnings Call Lab


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