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online business acumen training

Seeing the Big Picture®

Online Business Acumen Training for Everyone

Whether you’re looking for greater alignment or career advancement, online business acumen training can bridge the gap. Build your credibility, career, and company with a deep knowledge of the customer, commercial, operational, financial, and people dimensions of your business.


Earn professional credits


Self-paced, log in and learn


Learn from the pros

Did you know…

65% of leaders agree that a lack of business acumen limits their organization's strategy potential.

And if that's not bad enough...

70% of U.S. employees are disengaged. 9 out of 10 employees don’t understand important metrics, and 95% of employees don’t understand their company’s strategy. How can employees be expected to feel like they have a meaningful part to play in your business if they don’t understand your business? They can’t.

online business acumen training
online business acumen training

Your solution awaits...

Building Business Acumen

Help your employees take the next step in their career with business acumen training! We’ll bridge the gap in your team’s business understanding with our world-class training based on the New York Times bestseller, Seeing the Big Picture.

Know and understand what measures are important to executives


Understand the 5 Business Drivers all successful companies must focus on

Have a better understanding of companies’ financial statements

Become a better communicator of company strategy and performance


Create an action plan detailing how you will positively impact company results

Download the Executive Overview

Build with us

Course Content

Learn a simple framework to quickly cut through business complexities, gain a satellite view of the business, understand key business drivers and how to influence them, simplify financial statements, take advantage of opportunities to grow, and much more with the online course customized to your company.

Course I

The 5 Business Drivers

Like the characters of an alphabet, cash, profit, assets, growth, and people combine in a multitude of ways to form the foundation of organization, products, market position, financing, human resources, and every other strategy or decision in a company.

Monthly Team Activities

Acumen in Action

You’ll get tools, activities, and follow-up resources to help you further build your business acumen, teach your teams what you’ve learned, and apply your new skills... not just once... but throughout your career.

Course II

The Financials

Simplify company financial statements and give them real-world applicability, so that you can quickly move from the “What?” to the “So What?” to the “Now What?”

Monthly Expert Webinars

Earnings Call Labs

Get access to our catalog of monthly labs, teaching you how to listen to earnings calls by breaking down Fortune 500 companies.

Course III

Launch: Execution 101

Designed to help you take your initiatives from scribbles to an executable mission, Launch: Execution 101 will walk you through four steps to help your projects get off the ground and make a meaningful contribution to your business.

Latest Content

Wait, there's more!

Check back regularly to see the latest content. Build new skills, strengthen your business foundation, and learn to think like a CEO. Discover how your job fits into the big picture and become a business leader at your company.

online business acumen training


Whether you’re looking to build your business and financial acumen as an individual learner, team, or organization, our course is turnkey for those looking for an off-the-shelf solution. You can start today!


For those looking for an online solution that speaks to the specifics of your company or industry, our online course can be customized to connect your current strategy and financial results to the decisions your employees make every day.


Our consultants have worked with over 200 different companies and have conducted research on all of their top competitors. This gives them an unparalleled perspective into a wide range of industries. What are the main strategies for driving growth in retail? How are hospitals navigating new industry regulations? Who’s leading in the energy sector? We know the answers to these questions and more, and a customized online course will give your learners the tools they need to become similarly sophisticated.

online business acumen training
online business acumen training

Why online learning?

Our online course puts you in control – learn when and where you want. You’ll find Seeing the Big Picture offers engaging and actionable learning at a budget-friendly price point. With videos, exercises, assessments, and discussion forums, you’ll learn new skills at your own pace, in your own space, and within a timeframe that works with your busy schedule.


Get ready to build your business and financial acumen skills. If you’re an individual learner, you can sign up today at Or contact us to learn more about an online course for your team.

Hear from participants...

"If you are a future entrepreneur or rising business leader who would like a stronger understanding of business acumen, this is the program for you."

Alan Carrig, Domino's Pizza

“Loved the direct reference to [our company] throughout the course, it made the materials more engaging and relevant to learn from.”​

T. Jacobs

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Walk through the Cash Driver

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