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How Business Acumen Impacts Sales Success

Business Acumen: Sales Success

Well, the reason business acumen is so important for salespeople, is because their primary job is to work with people - their clients, their prospects, and the people they are hoping to sell to. They need these skills in order to be successful.

Clients are coming to you as a resource to help them succeed in what they're trying to accomplish. As a salesperson, if I don't know:

- what they're trying to accomplish

- what success looks like to them

- what their executives are saying around this topic

if I don't understand:

- what the community (Wall Street for example) is saying about this organization

- where their gaps are

- where their successes are

Then I've failed my client.

The days of being able to just sell a widget based solely on price competition, those days are over. Especially in B2B sales. Now, it is much more about a consultative sell, right? It's about knowing their business, helping their business, demonstrating how my product can help them achieve their goals and meet their needs.

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