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Earnings Call Debrief

Your Alignment Secret Weapon

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate follow-up to your business acumen course or an open enrollment experience to align your workforce, there is no better solution than quarterly earnings call debriefs.

Did you know…

Only 30% of employees are engaged at work.

The problem...

Only 17% of employees strongly agree their company has open communication—they don’t know what to prioritize or why, which contributes to the staggering 70% of us who remain disengaged at work. Yet most executives report on their performance and strategy at least quarterly. So, your alignment problem may have less to do with communication coming from the top-down and more to do with a lack of understanding coming from the bottom-up.

earnings call training
earnings call training

Your solution awaits...

Every quarter, shortly after earnings are released, participants will join a 90-minute web conference to break down your company’s most recent earnings announcement. Participants develop a deeper understanding of your company’s quarterly numbers, gain insights into executive strategy, and sharpen their skills to think and act more strategically.

Each participant will walk away with an objective review of your company’s financial health. But even more importantly, they’ll be taught the same systematic approach, including access to our Quarterly Earnings Call Workbook, that can be used to analyze future calls, including calls from competitors, partners, and customers.

Exercise 1: Prepare
Understand the purpose and format of an earnings call and how to locate transcripts

Exercise 2: Analyze

Using the 5 Business Drivers® and the Navigating the Financials tool, discover key insights about company strategy

Exercise 3: Apply

Create an action plan to make a greater impact on performance and align your work with your executives’ goals

Analyze your customers

If sales teams aren’t able to leverage publicly available information about their customers, they’re missing an opportunity to be relevant. It’s like executives are screaming on their earnings calls, “This is how you sell to us — this is what we’re trying to accomplish!” Yet most sales reps revert back to pitching features and benefits and sales managers are left wondering why they’re striking out.

On an earnings call designed for your sales team, we’ll analyze a customer of your choice and model how to prepare for sales calls using your customer’s metrics and their executives’ strategy. You’ll develop salespeople who turn those once uncomfortable business discussions into meaningful conversations about creating value. They’ll learn what to listen for when earnings are released and what to cover on their next sales call.

In the end, your sales team will use their business acumen to create value for your customers and win more deals.

Earnings Call

CEOs need more business leaders

earnings call training

CEOs want employees who are great at their role and who are exceptional at business — leaders who make strategic, data-driven decisions. In other words, your CEO needs smart business people who just so happen to work in HR or IT or Engineering.


Adding Earnings Calls as part of your overall knowledge strategy will keep your workforce aligned and inspire them to use their business acumen to drive profitable growth quarter-after-quarter and year-after-year.

Hear from participants...

“I love the practical & engaging approach of Acumen Learning’s monthly webinars to go through the Earnings calls of different companies. The speakers are excellent and the material is anything but dry. Highly recommend.”

Missy Berube

Strategic HR Leader

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earnings call training

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