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Business Acumen for Healthcare

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Balancing healthcare and the business of healthcare

The world of healthcare is complex. And each part of the industry has a different set of priorities they need to focus on in order to succeed. The pharmaceutical and medical device portions of the industry focus on getting innovations to market to drive patient outcomes. Providers focus on operational efficiencies while driving patient impact. The insurance portion of the industry focuses on member advocacy, operational efficiency, and risk management. Regardless of where you are at in the healthcare industry, there is a deep need for better business acumen.


Understanding how your organization makes money, how that money is used to further your mission and success, and what each person can do to further impact your organization and your customers is progressively getting more vital given the interdependency of the industry’s constituent parts, the complexity of the regulatory environment, and the global nature of competition and patients’ needs. Competency is now more vital than ever to your success as a leader and as an organization.

"I would highly recommend this training.  The presenters were amazing, easy to follow, and quite engaging.  The content was clear and relevant.  The course was modified to meet our unique business need and I'm pleased with what was delivered. Great job!"

Senior Director



Healthcare experience includes work with…


of the top 50 Fortune 500 Healthcare Companies


of the 10 Biggest Pharma Companies


of the 10 Biggest Med-Device Companies

Philips Healthcare

With business acumen training, Acumen Learning helped teach top sales reps how to speak the language of the executive suite.

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Acumen Learning Continues Partnership with Leading Eye Care Company to Develop Business Acumen

For the last 16 years, Acumen Learning has provided business and financial acumen training for global directors of the largest medical eye care company in the world.

Top 5 Largest Pharmaceutical Company in the World Expands Partnership with Acumen Learning

Acumen Learning has expanded its partnership with one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world to develop business acumen.

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Healthcare leaders engage us to improve

Executive Alignment Business Acumen Training

Executive Alignment

Know the strategic direction of your organization in order to align your priorities accordingly to enable optimal impact.

Leadership Business Acumen Training


Understand and effectively communicate where your organization is going and how it is doing to connect your employees’ roles to your organization’s success.

Analytical Skills Business Acumen Training

Analytical Skills

Increase your fluency of the metrics most vital to measure organizational and financial success and the key levers to pull to move the needle.

Decision Business Acumen Training

Decision Making

Make better, smarter, faster decisions that will drive impact and organizational success since every organization needs more employees at all levels to think like business people.

Communication Business Acumen Training


Drive better alignment and clarity of direction with the decisions you make with the organizations you lead or support. Do this by speaking the language of business and finance.

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"Excellent eye opener! I learned so much about how the key metrics impact our primary drivers and strategy. Gained insight into how the metrics get impacted due to different business moves, decisions and strategies, especially comparing different companies."

Software Engineering Senior Manager


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