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Determining What Sales Training Program is Right for Your Team!

Business Acumen: Sales Training

Anyone who has ever searched for training for their sales team knows there are A LOT of options out there - and they aren't cheap! I understand...if you're taking your team away from being out on the road selling, you need to make sure the training will benefit your organization, and you can recoup the time and money spent. So, how do you determine the best training program for your organization?

In my experience, sales enablement or sales training boils down to tools - like platforms, CRM tools, marketing automation tools, or information on different training methodologies. Some popular topics include how you sell, the process of selling, and information around different methodologies like challenger, SPIN, relationship selling, and more. These are all great, there's a lot of amazing content out there for sales professionals, but what's one thing that can set your team apart? Helping them to get a better understanding of their customer's business.

Think of your favorite vendor. The one person or company you really enjoy working with and can always count on. I bet that vendor is someone that you have a relationship with beyond a product or service pitch, it seemed like a good fit, and that was the end of it. Typically, the vendors that stand out to me are the ones that make my life easier. They understand what I am doing in my role, what my company is focused on, and what I need to accomplish in order to be successful - and most importantly, how they and their product or services can help me with that. Instead of viewing them as a supplier, we see them as a trusted business partner or even a colleague - and that's what will set your team apart.

Sales teams can really differentiate themselves with a better understanding of their customers. As you can move your sales leaders to business leaders who happen to sell, vs. sales leaders who are trying to transact with your customers. It's a different game. The more they understand about their customers they're selling into and then be able to make the business case, or help those internal champions make the business case as to how your product or service really drives to their profitability, really drives to their strategy.

That's a key in sales enablement that I think sometimes is missing. We get so caught up in the platforms, or the process of selling, but we forget one of the most important things — and that is understanding your customer. Understanding your customer's goals and objectives. What are they driving towards? And then really help make that case as to why your products or services will help you get the results you're looking for. This is where business acumen can help! Business acumen training will really allow your team to dig deep, and help them to understand their clients. It's something they can put into practice right away!

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