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Determining What Sales Training Program is Right for Your Team!

Business Acumen: Sales Training

Anyone who has ever searched for training for their sales team knows there are A LOT of options out there - and they aren't cheap! I understand...if you're taking your team away from being out on the road selling, you need to make sure the training will benefit your organization, and you can recoup the time and money spent. So, how do you determine the best training program for your organization?

In my experience, sales enablement or sales training boils down to tools - like platforms, CRM tools, marketing automation tools, or information on different training methodologies. Some popular topics include how you sell, the process of selling, and information around different methodologies like challenger, SPIN, relationship selling, and more. These are all great, there's a lot of amazing content out there for sales professionals, but what's one thing that can set your team apar