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Business Acumen for Basic Materials & Energy

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Powering the Energy Industry with Business Acumen

The energy producers of the world and those who produce energy-intensive goods face unique and ever-changing complexities that are reshaping the marketplace. These complexities include increased scrutiny of environmental impacts, green energy trends, the shift of natural resource exploration to remote parts of the globe, geopolitical instability, and the ever-increasing large capital investments needed to maintain profitability.

Leaders in this industry must grasp the enormity of the complexities they face, without losing the ability to make day-to-day decisions on strategic initiatives, operational choices, and technological advances.

"Definitely one of the best courses in my 25 years in the company. Our instructor was energetic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, etc. which made the difference."


Operations Planning & Resources



Energy clients includes…


of the Top 10 Energy Companies and 6 of the Top 20

Largest Oil Company in the United States




of 6 Big Oil "Super Majors"

A Downstream Energy Company Learned How to Make Better Decisions by Developing Business Acumen

This company's unique diversity spans three sectors in the energy space: refining, logistics, and convenience stores. They have strategically invested in customized business acumen training to unlock the potential synergies within these sectors.


A Fortune 500 Utility Company Learned How to Make Better Business Decisions Using Business Acumen

This company faced various challenges specific to their industry due to strict government regulations. To overcome these obstacles, they enlisted the help of Acumen Learning to enhance their managers’ business acumen abilities.


Energy leaders engage us to improve

Executive Alignment Business Acumen Training

Executive Alignment

Know the strategic direction of your organization in order to align your priorities accordingly to enable optimal impact.

Leadership Business Acumen Training


Understand and effectively communicate where your organization is going and how it is doing to connect your employees’ roles to your organization’s success.

Analytical Skills Business Acumen Training

Analytical Skills

Increase your fluency of the metrics most vital to measure organizational and financial success and the key levers to pull to move the needle.

Decision Making Business Acumen Training

Decision Making

Make better, smarter, faster decisions that will drive impact and organizational success since every organization needs more employees at all levels to think like business people.

Communication Business Acumen Training


Drive better alignment and clarity of direction with the decisions you make with the organizations you lead or support. Do this by speaking the language of business and finance.

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"Great course! Best part was completing the NTF analysis for similar companies and comparing each financial position. Looking forward to applying what I learned at work and in my personal investment strategy."

Facilities Project Manager

Phillips 66

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