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Business Acumen for High-Tech & Telecom Industrial

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Expanding the world of communication with business acumen in the high-tech and telecommunications industry

No industry reinvents itself as rapidly as the tech sector. Cloud computing, edge analytics, artificial intelligence, the digitization of media, and far too many other advances to count are changing the way we all work and connect with the world.


Nevertheless, there are fundamental principles like customer value, quality, innovation, strategic investments, and execution that will always guide a CEO’s decisions. The real innovators of the industry are able to balance tech savvy with market savvy.


The programs Acumen Learning designs and delivers for high-tech and telecommunications companies help participants understand why their CEO wants them to be a businessperson first and an engineer, salesperson, or human resource wiz second. He or she needs employees who use their business acumen to drive innovation and profits.

"It was super valuable to understand the workings of our financials and better ways to drive our programs in alignment with different financial goals."

Circular Economy Specialist



Our high-tech & telecommunications experience includes...



World's Top Telecom Company

of the Top 5 Largest Telecom Companies



of the Top 10 Largest Tech Companies



World's Largest Tech Company

Why Business Acumen is Essential for IT Teams

Why Business Acumen is Essential for IT Teams


High-tech and telecom leaders engage us to improve

Executive Alignment Business Acumen Training

Executive Alignment

Know the strategic direction of your organization in order to align your priorities accordingly to enable optimal impact.

Leadership Business Acumen Training


Understand and effectively communicate where your organization is going and how it is doing to connect your employees’ roles to your organization’s success.

Analytical Skills Business Acumen Training

Analytical Skills

Increase your fluency of the metrics most vital to measure organizational and financial success and the key levers to pull to move the needle.

Decision Making Business Acumen Training

Decision Making

Make better, smarter, faster decisions that will drive impact and organizational success since every organization needs more employees at all levels to think like business people.

Communication Business Acumen Training


Drive better alignment and clarity of direction with the decisions you make with the organizations you lead or support. Do this by speaking the language of business and finance.

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"I found this session very informative and helped to strengthen concepts that were previously minimally understood. This will certainly help with my personal growth and my strengths with ManTech."

Setup Manager


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