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Your company needs business leaders.

Acumen Learning's Building Business Acumen® courses deliver transformative learning experiences to drive leadership, productivity, engagement, financial literacy, alignment… Should we keep going?

Here’s the reality – 95% of employees don’t understand their company’s strategy.

How can they, then, set the right priorities, allocate resources effectively, or contribute meaningfully to strategic initiatives? They can’t. And the result? Disengagement, misalignment, and ultimately, an organization operating at a fraction of its potential.

Fortunately, business acumen can be taught. 

Based on internal Acumen Learning data and research published in Harvard Business Review.

Ask your CFO…

What is a lack of business acumen costing you?

Can every team member explain your company's money-making process in such a way that inspires and engages people? If not, you’re losing money. 

How many decisions are made too quickly or not quick enough? How many of your employees don’t understand what your CEO talked about on your last earnings call — because they didn't listen to it? How many of your leaders are faking it when it comes to finance? 

Ask yourself… 

What are you waiting for?

Lectures from your finance department or Professor Stuffy aren't going to cut it. And don't even get us started on board games and generic simulations – your people deserve better. You need to follow a process that not only develops new skills but reinforces those skills and holds people accountable for using them.


Not understanding business is costing you business. So let's get going!  

business acumen training
Seeing the Big Picture

#1 Wall Street Journal & New York Times Bestseller

We wrote the book on finance and business acumen. 

Based on Seeing the Big Picture by Kevin Cope, our courses instill a deep understanding of how all the moving pieces of your company work together so your employees can better align their efforts to benefit your bottom line – they will think and act more like owners. 

Understand key business drivers and financial statements

Understand how to iterate ideas to improve productivity and profits

Achieve alignment with key stakeholders

Package ideas and their financial outcomes into well-structured decisions

Experience, the difference.

34 Fortune 50 companies and
100,000+ learners love what we do


2 Based on internal Acumen Learning data and Fortune magazine's annual list of the 500 biggest companies in the United States.

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