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business acumen training

Building Business Acumen® Essentials

Certify Your Trainers

Our Building Business Acumen® Essentials course equips trainers with the skills to teach the big picture of business, how to align decisions to corporate strategy, and improve engagement among employees.


Learn to Measure Performance

business acumen for sales

Identify Your Impact on the Business

business acumen for sales

Make Faster, Stronger Decisions

Did you know…

61% of employees are never trained on business principles.

And if that's not bad enough...

Studies show that 61% of employees are disengaged and 95% don’t understand their company’s strategy. Too many companies have employees who don’t know how their work contributes to the bottom line. How can you get high-quality business acumen training for more of your employees?

business acumen training

Your solution awaits...

Business Acumen Essentials:
Train-the-Trainer Certification

Building Business Acumen® Essentials draws on Acumen Learning’s years of customized training among Fortune 500 clients, ensuring that trainers receive a tried-and-true solution that delivers tangible results. Supplemented with case studies, videos, class discussions, team activities, and simulations, BBA Essentials allows the trainer to shine and makes financial concepts more accessible for any facilitator needing to bridge the business acumen gap.


In the certification course, your trainers will become certified to help participants:

Be more influential

Build their credibility

Know where to focus their efforts

Create greater engagement for them and their team


Help the company grow

Help your employees become experts of your business

A trusted model...

This program goes beyond skill-building; it empowers trainers to become leaders in cultivating a business-savvy culture within their organizations. The ripple effect of enhanced business acumen will be felt at all levels, contributing to overall organizational success.

Step I

The 5 Business Drivers

When you break down even the largest, most seemingly complex multinational company into its most fundamental elements, you’ll find the same drivers that power your business, or any business: Cash, Profit, Assets, Growth, and People.

Step II

Functional Awareness & Executive Alignment

Use The 5 Business Drivers to help functions work more effectively together and apply the 5 Business Drivers to decipher and align around executive messaging.

Step III

Simplifying the Income Statement

While reading every line of a company’s financials is rarely necessary, understanding key items from the Income Statement is a surefire path to building your credibility, career, and company.

Step IV

Acumen in Action

Turn business acumen into action and results.


Consistent knowledge transfer...

A train-the-trainer business acumen solution ensures consistent and standardized knowledge transfer across an organization. This consistency is vital for fostering a shared organizational language and understanding of business principles so no employee is underequipped to make the best business decisions.

Scalable and cost-effective...

Implementing a train-the-trainer solution allows organizations to scale their business acumen training initiatives efficiently. Organizations can build an internal core of trainers who are well-versed in the company’s specific needs and culture. This approach is a cost-effective and sustainable model for ongoing training needs.

business acumen training
business acumen training
CEOs want business leaders…

CEOs need employees who aren't just great at their role but exceptional business leaders. Someone who can help them along the path forward. A business leader who makes strategic, data-driven actions. In other words, your CEOs wants to have business people who just so happen to be in HR or IT or Engineering.

As such, your training will have a particular focus on executive needs. Participants will be taught how to quickly analyze your company's communications from a strategic and financial perspective and create action items around that strategy.

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Building Business Acumen Essentials | A Train-the-Trainer Solution
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business acumen training
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