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Use our marketing materials to convince your team that business acumen training is just what you and your company needs.

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Marketing Materials

Company Brochure

Get a holistic view of Acumen Learning's sales, finance, and business acumen training options, including our customization process, curriculum, and customer experience. 

Course Descriptions

Get a course description for each of our learning modules.

Building Business Acumen Executive Overview

Our customized Building Business Acumen® course will help any professional understand the big picture of their business.

BBA for Sales & Marketing Executive Overview

You need your sales and marketing team to deliver profitable results. Building Business Acumen training (BBA) helps sales and marketing teams understand how all the moving parts of a company work together to optimize profitable results for your company and customers.

Applying Business Acumen Executive Overview

Applying Business Acumen is the next step in your employees’ business acumen journey as they develop professional skills to listen and align to executive communication, understand the factors that guide business decisions, and plan and execute on top priorities. In short, act like a CEO. 

Vritual Delivery Executive Overview

Whether working from home or at the office, business acumen training can be a part of your workforce’s curriculum. Since 2010, Acumen Learning has been pioneering virtual instructor-led courses, and there’s no time like the present to teach your employees what executives need them to know and do. 

Corporate Online Executive Overview

Whether you’re looking for greater alignment or career advancement, online business acumen training can bridge the gap. Build your credibility, career, and company with a deep knowledge of the customer, commercial, operational, financial, and people dimensions of your business. 

Earnings Calls Executive Overview

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate follow up to your business acumen course or an open enrollment experience to align your workforce, there is no better solution than quarterly earnings calls. 


10 Questions to Test Your Business Acumen

Test your business acumen fluency with our simple ten questions test.

Quick Quiz

Answer the Big Picture Quick Quiz based on your company's performance in the most recent fiscal year.

Case Studies

Get access to our 12 case studies and take your team through the included activities.

Client Stories


How do we support our executive’s strategy to ensure long-term growth and success as well as meet the short-term expectations of our shareholders?


What would our business look like if we trained one thousand sales, marketing, and customer service professionals to be more business savvy?

Philips Healthcare

If we improved our customer focus, created lean end-to-end value chains, and could speak intelligently with executive buyers, how would that change the game?

Aerospace & Defense Client

A leader in the aerospace and defense industry partnered with Acumen Learning to customize and deliver their Building Business Acumen® course. To assess the results of this training, MetrixGlobal evaluated how well employees applied what they learned and the impact on their organization.


When the accepted data says that most mergers and acquisitions don’t live up to shareholder expectations, how do we beat the odds?

Seeing the Big Picture Resources

Seeing the Big Picture Foreword

Read the foreword of Seeing the Big Picture by Stephen M.R. Covey, author of New York Times bestseller The Speed of Trust.

About Kevin Cope, Author

Meet Kevin, the author of Seeing the Big Picture and founder of Acumen Learning, and his journey in recognizing the need for business acumen training in corporations.


What is Business Acumen?

While most people understand their job function, most people don't understand important business measures. That gap is where business acumen comes in.

Who is Acumen Learning?

We help companies get clear on how their companies make money, and then help them make better decisions around that money-making process. In other words, we help build their business acumen.

Virtual Business Acumen Training

As COVID-19 continues to force companies to shift strategies and make incredibly difficult decisions, there's no time like the present to teach your employees what executives need them to know and do. Our virtual training allows you to do just that.

Online Business Acumen Training

In this online course, we'll give you the tools you'll need to succeed. Create insights and goals you can use to create specific goals to measurably impact the business.

BBA for Sales Training

Building Business Acumen training (BBA) helps sales and marketing teams understand how all the moving parts of a company work together to optimize profitable results for your company and customers. 

A Different Kind of Virtual Training

We don’t want you to feel like checking your email is a better use of your time than participating in a poorly taught training. That’s why we’ve made a virtual class that’s as much a discussion for you and your peers as it is instruction for your career.

Training with Waste Connections

Hear from Waste Connection's leadership on the impact of Acumen Learning's business acumen training.

Teaching People to Be Teachers

Hear from Mary Anne Whitney, CFO of Waste Connections, on the difference of business acumen training.

Customer Testimonials

Hear from participants of our course on how business acumen training helped them to see the bigger picture of their company.

Next Level Business

Our business acumen training courses are customized to your business. We're not a SIM or a game, we're your numbers, your strategy, and we impact your decisions.

Build Your Future Leaders

Financials aren't the sort of thing people would think is interesting, but with our business acumen training, we get you excited at the importance and impact of your career.

Engage Your Employees

Engage your employees with a customized business acumen training experience that dives into your numbers, your strategy, and decisions that impact their careers.

Building People

Business acumen training should make business leaders out of your employees. That's what we do best.

Exciting Process

We want our business acumen training to help you understand the business of your company and the business decisions that impact your role. You'll walk away smarter and a better partner to your company.

Career Changing Training

At Acumen Learning, our customized business acumen training will give you an MBA in your company. We bridge the gap of business understanding and business strategy for all companies.



The healthcare industry is complex, but from med-device to payors, everyone can benefit from learning how their companies make money.

Basic Materials & Energy

The energy producers of the world and those who produce energy-intensive goods face unique and ever changing complexities that are reshaping the marketplace.

Consumer Products

Consumer brands have been moving towards transparency. Senior leaders know that they need employees who are able to see things anew, perceive shifts in the marketplace quickly, and understand how to leverage new rules to improve financial performance.

Financial Services

New regulations and a global economy has forever changed the financial and insurance landscape.

Manufacturing & Industrial Companies

With emerging technologies and new capabilities, manufactures must adjust to the current realities of the marketplace.

High-Tech & Telecom

Cloud computing, edge analytics, artificial intelligence, the digitization of media, and far too many other advances to count are changing the way we all work and connect with the world.

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