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business acumen training

Applying Business Acumen™

Teach Your Leaders How to Act Like CEOs

Designed for graduates of Building Business Acumen (BBA), Applying Business Acumen is the next step in your employees’ business acumen learning journey. 


Drive Alignment for Enterprise Success


Make Calculated Decisions
Towards Growth


Accelerate the Execution of Growth Initiatives

Did you know…

53% of leaders believe their organization is not good at implementing strategy. 

In our course, Building Business Acumen, graduates are introduced to the 5 Business Driver framework and provided tools to understand their company’s strategy and financial performance, allowing them to better think like a CEO.


In our Applying Business Acumen course, participants will learn how to listen to earnings calls, align their work with executive priorities, understand the metrics that guide business decisions, and execute on top priorities. In short, they'll learn how to act like a CEO.

business acumen training
business acumen training

Your solution...

Applying Business Acumen

When employees apply their business acumen, productivity accelerates, engagement improves, and solutions come together as individuals, teams, and executives align around common objectives.


In our experience working with top performers from around the world, we’ve learned that the best employees use their business acumen to:

Learn how to align your agenda to executive priorities communicated in Earnings Calls

Assess current performance against future objectives and create a business case for targeted change

Understand quantitative and qualitative factors contributing to corporate decision making

Learn a 4-stage process to guide project management through successful execution

Help your employees become experts of your business

As easy as 1, 2, boom!

Acumen Learning’s Applying Business Acumen® course can help any professional, from any department, understand the business of our business. That means we’ll speak to each driver through the lens of your company, break down your most recent earnings call, use a gap analysis to work through business problems relevant to your company, and look at your key initiatives.

Step I

Choose Your Delivery

Whether it's a 1-, 2-, 4-day, or blended solution, we can customize our deliveries to best suit your needs.

Step II

Customize Your Course

Together we'll customize your course to cover the quarterly earnings calls, corporate decision-making, and initiatives that are important to your CEO.

Step III

Schedule Your Course

Let's have a conversation about how our Applying Business Acumen training course can help your corporation. Reach us at 801-224-5444.

Hear from participants...

34 Fortune 50 Could Be Onto Something.  


Todd Harrison, Ed.D. • 2nd

Director, Global Organizational Effectiveness and Talent

Kevin and the Acumen Learning team deliver the absolute best business acumen training on the market. In a former company where I worked, even the Finance and Accounting folks said they learned a lot from the session. It is worth the time to check out what Acumen Learning has to offer.


Adam MacVay • 2nd

Vice President of Business Development

Was thoroughly impressed with the content of this program. Grateful Ben Cook's delivery was different from several of my college professors. As a result, the group had fun learning and was absolutely engaged. Topics that many would consider intimidating were spelled out in simple terms. Solid course for anyone seeking additional professional development. 

business acumen training

Continue your business acumen journey...

In our foundational course, Building Business Acumen, participants learn the fundamentals of business strategy — to think like a CEO. In the Applying Business Acumen course, participants will continue building their skills to implement best practices aligned with executive priorities — to act like a CEO. And when 70% of all projects fail to deliver what was promised to customers and 85% of employees claim they are most motivated when regularly updated about company news and information, Applying Business Acumen becomes more important than ever. Upon graduation, your employees will deliver more profit and engage in your company’s business like never before.

Earnings calls

95% of employees don’t understand their company’s strategy, but public companies highlight financial performance and progress every quarter for the benefit of employees and investors. Here’s the problem, experience has taught us that the vast majority of employees haven’t listened to their company’s earnings calls. And those that have aren’t sure what to listen for or how it applies to their job. Applying Business Acumen will teach your employees how to effectively listen to earnings calls and better align their work with executive strategy — they’ll understand what executives are most focused on and the trends and objectives moving forward. Whether they analyze their own company, a customer, a partner, or a competitor, participants will be able to identify actions they can take to improve their performance.

business acumen training
business acumen training
Identify and execute

We like to say in our courses “to know and not to do is not to know.” So together, we’ll identify the financial impact of business decisions through the study of common approaches to quantitative assessment and work through a list of feasibility questions to frame solutions through a financial lens. Participants will learn a process for evaluating trade-offs and making faster and bolder decisions. Finally, participants will identify their top three initiatives, their financial implications, and their impact on corporate strategy and create an action plan that will turn their strategy into results.

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business acumen training
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