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Business Acumen for Financial Services

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Navigating the financial services industry with business acumen

New regulations and a global economy have forever changed the finance and insurance landscape. Executive teams are now continuously rethinking how regulators, employees, global competitors, and customers impact their business. They’re abandoning industrial-era tactics that limit growth, they’re repositioning strategies to better leverage new proficiencies and operating metrics, and they’re recognizing that in-order to make good on their promises, they need to tap into their talents’ intellectual energy to achieve results faster.


For example, one of the Big Four Accounting Firms invited Acumen Learning to participate in their intern training program. Coming from some of the top business schools in the world, these interns had financial acumen, but of course business acumen is more than a mere understanding of financial statements. Our client needed these potential employees to understand how businesses compete and win in the real world. The company was so thrilled with the results, we were invited back to teach a series of industry specific courses for their vertical managers.

"This was the most informative course I have attended in my 3.5+ years at Aflac. It should be a required course for manager-level employees and above. The way it also challenged us to apply the concepts back to our roles was excellent."

Business Project Manager



Our financial service experience includes…


of the US's Big Four Banks


of the Top 10 Fortune 500 Financial Companies

Largest Life Insurance Company in the US




of the Top 10 Property/Casualty Insurance Companies


Financial leaders engage us to improve

Executive Alignment Business Acumen Training

Executive Alignment

Know the strategic direction of your organization in order to align your priorities accordingly to enable optimal impact.

Leadership Business Acumen Training


Understand and effectively communicate where your organization is going and how it is doing to connect your employees’ roles to your organization’s success.

Analytical Skills Business Acumen Training

Analytical Skills

Increase your fluency of the metrics most vital to measure organizational and financial success and the key levers to pull to move the needle.

Decision Business Acumen Training

Decision Making

Make better, smarter, faster decisions that will drive impact and organizational success since every organization needs more employees at all levels to think like business people.

Communication Business Acumen Training


Drive better alignment and clarity of direction with the decisions you make with the organizations you lead or support. Do this by speaking the language of business and finance.

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"I really enjoyed today's course.  In addition to expanding my knowledge on financials and business acumen, my biggest take away was realizing which ways we all contribute to the top and bottom line and add reason to strategic alignment."

Project Manager


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