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business acumen training

Building Business Acumen®

Turn Your Leaders Into Business Leaders

Our customized Building Business Acumen® course will help any professional from any industry, understand the big picture of their business, align decisions to corporate strategy, break down communication barriers, take advantage of opportunities to grow, and much more.


Learn to Speak the Language of Business

business acumen for sales

Know What CEOs Need You To Know

business acumen for sales

Make Bolder Business Decisions

Did you know…

9 out of every 10 employees don't understand important metrics.

And if that's not bad enough...

70% of employees are disengaged and 95% of employees don't understand their company's strategy. Too many companies have employees who are more interested in getting their work done than seeing how their work contributes to the bottom line.

business acumen training
business acumen training

Your solution awaits...

Building Business Acumen

When employees have business acumen, productivity accelerates, engagement improves, and solutions come together as individuals, teams, and executives align around common objectives

Use the 5 Business Drivers to understand how your company makes money

Develop a working knowledge of financial statements and strategy

Align your individual and team decisions with executive initiatives

Improve engagement by helping employees recognize the importance of their role

Identify 2-3 business priorities and develop a personal action plan


Make bolder and faster business decisions

Help your employees become experts of your business

As easy as 1, 2, boom!

Acumen Learning’s Building Business Acumen® course can help any professional, from any department, understand the business of our business. Using real-world examples and focusing on issues important to your work, you’ll learn a simple framework to quickly cut through business complexities, gain a satellite view of the business, improve your track record of success, align decisions to corporate strategy, fix present problems and prevent new ones, break down communication barriers, take advantage of opportunities to grow, and much more.

Step I

Choose Your Delivery

Whether it's a 1-, 2-, 4-day, virtual, online, or blended solution, we can customize our deliveries to best suit your needs.

Step II

Customize Your Course

Together we'll customize your course to cover the concepts, key metrics, and strategies that are important to your CEO.

Step III

Schedule Your Course

Let's have a conversation about how our Building Business Acumen® training course can help your corporation. Reach us at 801-224-5444.

Choose your delivery...

1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-day courses


Bring in an Acumen Learning consultant or certify an internal trainer to teach courses in person to your employees.

3-8-hour sessions


An instructor-led classroom experience for those limited by distance or scheduling demands.

Self-paced online course


An online experience that delivers results with instructional design best practices and intuitive platform.

Hear from participants...

34 Fortune 50 Could Be Onto Something.  


Suzanne Moore - Parzyck • 2nd

Global Director, Talent Management

Want to transform your workforce to think like business owners?  Acumen Learning can provide the strategic lever to do just that.  I've worked with Acumen Learning in two industries and they are world class. Ben Cook, President of Acumen Learning was our facilitator both times and to hear him speak, you'd think he was an employee of our company.  Talk about modeling the way . . .


Stuart Raetzman • 2nd

Executive Chairman

I have used the Business Acumen training to help business leaders and executives better see the big picture and to better understand the connections between the levers they use to drive the business forward.

business acumen training

We know your industry…

Our consultants have worked directly with over 200 different companies and have conducted research on all of their top competitors. This gives them an unparalleled perspective into a wide range of industries. What are the main strategies for driving growth in retail? How are hospitals navigating new industry regulations? Who’s leading in the energy sector? We know the answers to these questions and more, and we’ll give your teams information specific to your business and partners' needs.

Do your employees understand the business of your business?

While most people understand their job, only one out of ten understand metrics that are important to their CEO, and 95% don’t understand their company’s strategy. You end up with employees who are more interested in only getting their work done than in seeing how their work contributes to the bottom line. But when employees have business acumen, productivity accelerates, engagement improves, and solutions come together as individuals, teams, and executives align around common objectives.

business acumen
business acumen
CEOs want business leaders…

CEOs need employees who aren't just great at their role but exceptional business leaders. Someone who can help them along the path forward. A business leader who makes strategic, data-driven actions. In other words, your CEO wants to have business people who just so happen to be in HR or IT or Engineering.

As such, your training will have a particular focus on executive needs. Participants will be taught how to quickly analyze your company's communications from a strategic and financial perspective and create action items around that strategy.

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Let's start a conversation.

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business acumen training
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