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A Quick Definition of Business Acumen

Business Acumen

Define Business Acumen:

We get asked a lot about how we define business acumen - and we know, often times the definition can be a little confusing and drawn we're here to quickly answer that!

Business acumen is a competency that a lot of companies measure their employees on (here's an example of CareerBuilder doing just that.)

Wondering if you have business acumen?

We define business acumen as really understanding the fundamental money-making process of your company, and then making sure that your priorities and strategies align with that money-making process.

Business Acumen Fundamentals:

Regardless of the size of the company and the industry, the business acumen fundamentals are the same, and it's important that everyone within the organization understands those fundamentals.

Learn how to See the Big Picture of your organization, and read the first chapter of Seeing the Big Picture:

The Importance of Business Acumen:

Have you ever wondered why business acumen is so important? Here is a great video that explains everything you might need to know.

How is Business Acumen Applicable to You:

If you're a new employee, understanding what you do every day that fits into the bigger picture is really important and brings meaning to your role. Understanding the broader business realities of the organization, allows you to start to put into context what you do every day and the economic value and contribution you bring to the company. It starts to bring some meaning and context perspective to what you do every day in a way that allows you to get excited about what you do every day.

And that is our simple definition of business acumen. Short and sweet - not so bad, right? Looking for ways to improve your business acumen? We've got you covered!

Read more about how business acumen applies to you and your own career path:


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