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50% Higher Sales for Those that Receive Training...But How Do You Choose?

If you’re in sales, you’re used to pressure. Pressure to meet sales quotas, close deals, meet customers demands, and achieve (sometimes unrealistic) timelines…AND to top it all off, you’re fighting stereotypes (c’mon, we’ve all heard the used car salesmen jokes). It definitely can feel like an uphill battle, and that battle gets steeper, fueled with the knowledge that only 13% of customers believe that sales reps understand their needs. can we make this challenge less of a mountain and more a molehill?

Business Acumen: Sales Training

The answer…

High quality sales training. In fact, a recent stat says that net sales per employee are 50% higher for those that receive continuous sales training. I know, there’s a lot of bad sales training out there… I’ve sat through many myself, so here are some tips to find the right sales training for your team.

  1. Do your research - there’s a lot of programs out there, make sure you find something reputable, with good customer reviews.

  2. Call their references - most training companies will offer references from other companies that have completed their training. ASK for these, and then CALL them. This is your chance to speak to someone who has already taken the course, and is likely an unbiased third party.

  3. Locate a program in line with your goals - work with the company to assure that your goals are aligned and you’ll be happy with the results of the program.

  4. Make it actionable - we’ve all been to training that gets you super hyped up...but then, when you go to realize you have no idea where to start. Make sure your training covers your team from education, all the way to implementation, so you are sure to see results.

  5. Customize it - make sure the training is specific to YOUR team and YOUR situation to ensure you receive the BEST results.

If you do your research, and partner with a high quality training company, your sales team will notice huge benefits, and a quick return on investment.

At Acumen Learning, we’ve been training the biggest companies around the world (including 30 of the Fortune 50) for almost 20 years! We’re excited to announce that after much demand, we’ve launched a brand new program, Building Business Acumen for Sales. In this program, our trainers will show sales teams how to use business acumen and our 5 business drivers to close more deals, and make more money (and who doesn’t want that?!)


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