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Business Acumen Courses: ONLINE Training Edition

Why Online Training is the Best Invention Since Sliced Bread

As a kid, did you ever feel as though homeschooling may have been the best option for you? You could do your schoolwork in your pajamas, on your own time, with a kind parent for a teacher? This is how we see online trainings. You can do them whenever you want, however many times you want, and re learn the same chapters to excel where you are lacking or feel passionate to explore. For some of us, in person trainings can be more beneficial. However, for a good portion of individuals, online training is the best thing the world has created!

Benefits of Business Acumen Training

Business acumen trainings gives you the upper hand that everybody wishes they had. In our online courses, you’re learning from enjoyable leaders who help push you to succeed, not accentuate your struggles. They’re knowledgeable in not only business acumen and business metrics, but in your very own company. Our business acumen courses are tailored to your specific company to help you understand the trajectory you are headed. How beneficial can a business acumen course be if the examples are completely irrelevant to your role or industry? This is our way of ensuring long term benefits.

Business Acumen Training Demo

Request a demo of our business acumen training:

The 5-Driver Model (and beyond!)

We know the fundamentals that every company is founded upon. We teach you them in our online course, help you to understand where they connect to your role, how to best utilize them, and incorporate them into your conversations. We call this the 5-driver model. Once you have these basics down, we take the financial statements of your own company and teach you how to effectively analyze them. We show you how to utilize the information given in the financials to assess the trajectory of your company and make decisions accordingly. These are tools and resources that are vital to your career. You can take advantage of them now but will also gain the knowledge of how to incorporate them into your future career moves. And lastly, we hand you an extensive number of tools to take with you through your career: things like action plans, case studies, and earnings call workbooks. Use these tools to be an integral leader in your company.

Seeing the Big Picture

Get your hands on our best selling book, Seeing the Big Picture:

Why Not a Simulation?

My major beef with simulations is that they do not provide you with the opportunity for the customized approach that most companies are looking for...if they allow for any customization at all. The customization part is really critical in allowing for the full impact of business acumen training. Would you tell your employees to go play Monopoly, and after assume that they'll be good at real estate investment? No! You need training that is specific to your company, organization, and industry to allow your employees to better take what they learn in the training, and apply it on the job.

How to Think and Act like a CEO

We’re here to teach you the skills to think and act like a CEO. Business acumen can benefit you no matter what stage you’re in. Whether you’re a student, a self-employed entrepreneur, or already in your dream career, we want you to succeed. You can always learn new things to help you progress in the workspace but also as a competent individual. Business acumen helps you to make the most out of your career.

Building Business Acumen Overview

Continue your learning and download the course overview for our Building Business Acumen Course.

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