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Further Your Business Acumen

Continue Your Education with Business Acumen

A Journey of Business Acumen

We believe Business Acumen are skills to be learned and used, not a one-time event of hearing the metrics and moving on. Without practicing the skills, you'll never fully grasp the concepts. Kenny Snarr gives great insights on how to further your business acumen. Read the transcript here:

"I actually think business acumen is a lot more of a process than it is an event. You know, the learning initiatives are great events, but this skill is a process. If you don't practice it regularly, if you don't do it as part of your career at some sort of a regular cadence, you'll lose everything you learned either in a session or what you learned in college. In building your business acumen, a couple of things that I would recommend that you do on a regular basis around a regular cadence.