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How to Improve Your Business Acumen with Self Paced Online Training!

Business Acumen Online Training

Business acumen isn’t just about the financial make-up of companies, it’s about understanding the role you play in your business’s success.

Where do you fit into your company’s money-making strategy — and how can you take your career to a higher level by becoming a business leader?

These are some thought provoking questions, and they're something that every business person should know the answer to. But where do you go to answer these questions? We've got you covered!

We've converted Kevin Cope's New York Times bestselling book "Seeing the Big Picture" into an online course accessible to everyone. In this course, you’ll learn the fundamental drivers at the foundation of all companies, and gain skills and vocabulary to not just speak, but think like a CEO. And, we know you're busy... so we've designed it to be self paced and priced affordably!

We've divided the course into two parts, the first will build your business acumen foundation with the 5 Business Drivers. Then, we'll teach you how to use financial statements so you can discover the trajectory of any company. Not only will you learn new, career altering skills, but if you're looking for SHRM, CPE, or HRCI credits, this course will count for those upon completion (I'm looking at you CPAs and HR Professionals).

This isn't like typical trainings. You won't just sit through the course and walk away thinking, "Wow, that was great, but I have no idea how I'll apply that in the future." You’ll receive tools and resources you can continually use throughout your career, like the Executive Alignment tool, Quarterly Earnings Call workbook, Action Plan, and more. You’ll also get twelve lessons so you can take your team through a year’s worth of case study activities to expand their business acumen — because we know that business acumen is a skill that is always growing.

And finally, you’ll have access to a catalog of earnings call labs where one of our senior financial consultants will teach you how to listen to earnings calls by breaking down Fortune 500 companies’ numbers. This will really allow you to put into practice everything that you've learned, and ensure a complete understanding of the material and application.

Business acumen training is for everyone. Whether you’re a job seeker, entrepreneur, professional, or looking for a customized version of the course for your team, it’s never a bad time to further your career.

Today’s the day — get year-long access to and take charge of your career. I’ll see you in the course.

✅ Get access to the online course! (Oh, and we offer discounts for military personnel + their family members, veterans, and students.)

✅ For a copy of "Seeing the Big Picture"

✅ To learn more about us and our online training programs visit


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