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How to Succeed in an Interview

The Best Interview Tips

Business Acumen: Interview Takeaways

We have 3 pieces of advice to help you succeed in your interviews: understand their business, present yourself authentically, and come in with an elevated resume. With that, you'll be just the sort of person an employer is hoping to sit across from.

Business Acumen: Knowledge of the Business

You should be familiar with everything there is to know about the company you’re interviewing with. Before you sit down in that interview chair, you need to know the company's visions and goals, what exactly it does and sells, and your role within it. When you have a good grasp on these things, you’re able to articulate why they should hire you. Not only will you be able to impress the executives with your research and knowledge about their organization, but you’ll be able to adequately explain the benefit you will bring to their business.

Business Acumen: Authenticity

Of course, everyone wants to come prepared and put themselves in the best light during an interview, but written responses can be a major turnoff. Employers are not looking for memorized answers. They want your genuine thoughts and reactions, your attitude, and your thinking process. Don’t be afraid to pause and reflect on any of their questions and consider the best answer. Employers are looking for how you’ll fit into their organization and what your natural thinking and execution processes are. They want a real person to have a conversation with.

Business Acumen: Resume

Have a quantifiable resume. Your previous job description is helpful, and the degree in which you graduated, but what really matters is the impact you were able to make in your previous role. Were you able to grow a metric by 5%? Were you growing a team by 10 people? Did you cut costs? These are all detailed descriptions that tell HOW you were able to work, not just where you worked. Put time and effort into the projects you were able to accomplish and assist in. Think about the ways that you made an impact and contributed to the development of the company. Share those on your resume.

Being great at interviews is a skill. Utilize business acumen with these tangible tips. Gloat on your accomplishments, give honest answers, make some friends, and win that job! You’ll wow your interviewers and win that job or promotion. This is the perfect time to showcase yourself.

5 Business Acumen Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

While it may be hard to gain a comprehensive understanding of an applicant’s business acumen, here are 5 questions that will give you an idea about how much they “get” business. And if you are a job seeker, you may want to know the answer to these questions as well.

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