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What Your Executives Need (You To Know)

Business Acumen: Executives

There is a common problem among organizations when it comes time to execute their strategy, and that is a disconnect between leaders and executives.

Nobody understands the big picture of the business like the CEO.

The leaders of the company may have a broad vision of the organization, but they don't live in the day-to-day operations. That's why communication is such a huge part of building an organization that will succeed. If everyone within an organization isn't on the same page, there are many places where the business could crumble.

When executing a corporate strategy, each person within an organization has a different role to play, and the only way for it to be successful is for everyone to work towards the same goal.

Business Acumen teaches leaders to think like an executive, and allows them to understand and align with corporate strategy. Executives can't be everywhere at once and make all the day-to-day decisions for the organization. They need to lean and depend on their team to make the best decision for the organization in their absence. Helping everyone in the organization feel aligned with the goals and strategies of the executives, will help to motivate each employee to think like a CEO and make a difference.

When members of an organization are able to see the direct impact their position is making within the organization, they will place more value on the work they are doing. If employees feel wildly disconnected from the economics of their own company, it will be hard for them to connect their role to the strategy of the company. Helping each employee to quantify the impact of the work they’re doing will help drive their motivation.

Business acumen is an asset that everybody can benefit from. Who doesn’t want their entire company on the same page? It will help execute strategies more efficiently, and help everybody feel important in their role. Teach your business leaders to think like executives. You’ll be shocked at the power it has.

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