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Get It On Your Resume

Post Business Acumen Training Resources

More and more, executives are searching for employees who have highlighted skills in business acumen and an astute understanding of financial strategy. But business acumen isn't just about numbers — it's about competently understanding how companies make and lose money. Having a grasp on business acumen is essential for leadership, especially for those looking to advance their careers. Getting it on your resume will set you apart as someone not just hoping to lead, but as someone ready to. Business acumen training is essential.

So you’ve taken business acumen training — now what? Hopefully you’re implementing what you learned and using your new found knowledge to make smart business decisions.

Incorporate Business Acumen on Your Resume

But you may also want to update your resume to highlight your business savvy and show your value as a person who understands business. Remember, companies are looking for employees that are business thinkers first and foremost. In fact, there are thousands of job postings out there that are looking for people with business acumen. Check out and CareerBuilder.

To help you get started, here's a resume from someone who has highlighted their business acumen after going through our training.

Business Acumen: Resume

Need Business Acumen Training?

If you haven’t gone through our training, talk to your manager and see if a one- or two-day business acumen training course makes sense for your team. Or try our self-paced online course.


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