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Business Acumen Can Be Exciting...See How!

Business Acumen

When many people hear the word ‘finance,’ they tend to tense up... and may even start to sweat a bit. And honestly, I don’t blame them. If you're not in the field, finance can be a lot to take in, and may even be a little (or a lot!) overwhelming. I get it, we work in business and financial acumen training, and we've seen all the responses! We've had many attendees walk into our training harboring a negative connotation of finance that they picked up at their university. We've heard the stories of how painful and miserable finance classes in college can sometimes be - but these same people leave our training, baffled at how simply these concepts can be broken down. Now, we're not throwing shade at your alma maters finance department, it's a hard concept to teach, and even harder for some people to grasp. We just found a simple way to lay it out! Even better, when people leave our training, they walk away

feeling more confident than ever in the vision of their company, in their own roles, and how they’re making a difference.

Our main goal when teaching business acumen is to help align the strategies of the company and relate it to each person's role using information and examples customized for them. When we link business concepts, to an industry and to your own company, and then down to your specific role, it sheds light to where everyone is contributing to the overall health of the organization. This has proven to be a great way to help people feel beneficial and important. When they understand how they are impacting the bigger picture, they feel fulfilled and want to continue to add value. We are igniting actionability. Business Acumen doesn’t have to be the boring finance lecture you dreaded every week. It can be bearable, and maybe even (dare we say it...) fun. Try it for yourself!

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