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Why you need to be a businessperson first, and a specialist in your job second.

Business Acumen

OK… so this may be an unpopular opinion, but hear me out! Odds are that you love your area of expertise (at least, I hope so...if you don’t we’ve got a whole other conversation to have), and that’s so important!! BUT to continue to advance, it’s also important to keep your business personality at the forefront. WHY? Well, your executive team wants your entire business to be profitable, not just a single unit. So, in order to get your point across, you need to understand not only how your company makes money, but the goals and strategies they’re focusing on and the path they are looking to take to advance. And as an employee, I know that you want to feel like the work you’re doing is meaningful and making a difference.

BUT, the problem is that 95% of employees don’t understand company strategy and 90% of employees don’t understand important business metrics.

Now, I’m not saying you’re part of that 95% or 90%...but odds are probably are (hey, I’m just the messenger, ;) !) What I’m trying to say is...

...that most people in business, don’t necessarily get business.

They lack a solid understanding of strategy, finance, and business acumen. While I know you understand your job, the big picture can seem really complex and difficult to grasp. And this isn’t an isolated problem, complexity is an underlying challenge in any business, regardless of size, industry, or stage of development.

So, how can we simplify this complex concept?

Well, you’re in luck! New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author of Seeing the Big Picture (and our founder + CEO), Kevin Cope has helped top companies figure it out for almost 20 years. When you break down an organization into its most fundamental elements, you’ll find that there are five drivers that power your business (and any business!)

So, if you want to be seen as a major contributor to your organization, someone who understands your overall business and not just your specialty, then learning more about these drivers and how to push them is essential for you!

Kevin will be offering a monthly free one-hour webinar, called What Your CEO Needs You To Know that will break down these concepts and show you how to make a major impact in your career and organization. Visit our website to see the schedule and register today!

Register now, you won't regret it!!

Webinar Learning Objectives:

- Use the 5 Business Drivers® to improve your strategic, financial and business acumen.

- Understand how your entire company, not just your department or team, makes money.

- Learn five principles that CEOs expect their employees to understand.

- Learn how to speak the language of your CEO and CFO.

- Learn the keys to improving employee engagement.


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