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  • Cam Crockett

HR Experts - Do You Have a Seat at the Table?

Business Acumen: HR

I’ve spent the last five years working with Human Resource leaders from the best companies in Silicon Valley on building robust leadership development programs. These colleagues are highly intelligent, and care deeply about their organization and its people. It was fascinating to watch them work on very challenging human capital problems that would make anyone’s head spin! It has been the highlight of my career to roll up my sleeves with these colleagues (now friends) and find help them find relevant solutions - I have learned so much!

During this time, I would often run into an HR leader that would say something like, “Sorry, Cam. I’d love to build this at our company - I see the value, but I spoke to finance and they won’t give me the budget.” Having worked directly under a CFO before, I certainly understand the real challenge finance people have in wading through all the great investment opportunities employees bring them. CFOs are eager to grow the company, but also must focus on balancing growth with ensuring every dime they spend brings shareholder value. Just because an idea is a good idea, it doesn’t mean it’s the right idea.

This can be incredibly frustrating for HR leaders