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The Great Resignation and How Business Acumen Can Help!

Business Acumen

I just saw this headline today:

"Why Are People Really Leaving Their Jobs? The Whole Reason Can Be Summed Up in 4 Words"

Spoiler: They don't feel they are being heard (ok, sorry, more than 4 words)

The article above offered three key findings and a takeaway.

People are willing to give feedback, but a large percentage of people feel that data goes into a black hole of HR and nothing is done with it.

The three key findings:

1. Employees want to share feedback to improve the workplace

2. Failure to act leads to employee dissatisfaction

3. Employers lack the tools to analyze the data and drive change (open-ended questions are great...unless you want pretty charts and easily quantifiable data)

This perfectly aligns with what we talk about during our discussion of the People driver in our Building Business Acumen Course (oh, and we help you and your team bridge this gap...sorry, shameless plug...)

I find there are two fundamentals that drive employee engagement:

A. Aligning the organization and employee objectives (think Patagonia).

B. People have to see that they have an impact. Who wants to be "just a number"?

What it comes down to is people are willing to help but they need to see that something is being done.

So what do we do?

Keep soliciting feedback. Listen. And then use your business acumen knowledge to do something about it.

I'm curious, I've enjoyed working in smaller organizations because I feel it's easier to be heard, and I can make a difference.

For those of you who work in large organizations, how do you help people feel like they're being heard? And, when you might not be able to impact the entire company's policy or culture, how do you help your teams make a difference in your own circle of responsibility?


Ryan Hunt, Senior Consultant - Acumen Learning


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