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How Does Looking at a P&L Prepare Me for a Sales Call?

Business Acumen: P&L and Sales

Why does prepping for a sales call feel like a never ending task sometimes? Do you feel like you’re not sure what to research? Or how to find the information on the company that you’re looking for? Sometimes the information on the internet isn’t accurate, so where is the best place to go to ensure you’re doing your job correctly?

I have one secret. Look at your prospect's P&L. Most everything you need to know, is there!

As a salesperson, there are a few key points to look for when looking at the P&L. You’re trying to put yourself in the company’s shoes, to see what their problems are, and what can be done to fix them. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when looking at your prospects P&L:

-When did their quarter start and end? How far into their budget cycle are they?

-What is their top line sales growth?

-What is their net profit margin compared to the S&P 500 average?

-Are they aligned with the goals they mentioned in their earnings calls?

-Are they on pace for their year end goals?

-What were their net earnings? Do they have room for you as a business partner?

The P&L is the one stop shop to prep for a sales call. These are the key questions to help you feel confident while talking to your prospects and to be successful in your sales career. If there is only one place to do your research, the P&L should be your go-to.

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