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Would You Quit Your Job for $3,000?

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As a company that teaches and promotes business acumen training, we get really geeked out looking for organizations that “see the big picture,” and Zappos is a company that has caught our attention. If you can’t find a particular shoe around town, chances are they’ve got it ­– and they’ll let you try it on and send it back to them absolutely free! The #1 online shoe retailer (that now sells clothes and accessories as well) actually likes to think of itself as a “technology company that just happens to sell shoes.”

One of the things we really admire about Zappos is their focus on people – both their customers and their employees. Their exceptional customer service and unique company culture has given them a competitive advantage that has fueled profitable growth over the last 15 years.

Zappos' unique culture starts with the hiring process. We would love to tell you all about it, but our CEO, Kevin Cope, is a much better storyteller, so we’ll let you hear it from him.

Would you quit your job for $3,000? Would you at least think about it? That offer would be tempting to a lot of employees elsewhere, but we have a feeling that there aren’t many people at Zappos who take the money and run.

Achieving the right balance of people and profit isn’t easy, but Zappos is a company that has done exceptionally well in our books.


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