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The Leadership Skill More Women Need

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“When organizations direct women toward resources that focus on the conventional advice that we've been hearing for over 40 years, there's a notable absence of advice that relates to business, strategic and financial acumen.”

Susan Colantuono, CEO and Founder of Leading Women

Being a valuable leader requires more than just soft skills in the business world. It's more than being admired, motivating, and communicating well with others — your success comes in being a key driver in the financial, strategic success of the business. Business acumen is increasingly the differentiator of impactful employees, but not necessarily a skill women are advised to gain.

"Everyone in your company should understand the business.“

Patty McCord, Chief Talent Officer

Imagine if women seeking advancement had the perspective of their CEO. They could be trusted to make better, smarter business decisions in-line with the strategy of company executives. It's all a matter of understanding the bigger picture. As Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, said, "what all businesses need [is] business acumen and an understanding of how to balance the creative side with how businesses really work."

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I think every employee wants to make a difference. If you can help people really understand where a company is headed, how it measures success, as well as how they can impact that success, you find that they're much more engaged in the business.“

Kevin Cope, Founder of Acumen Learning

You can be functionally brilliant in your role, but disconnected on how you impact company results. When you're clear on how you can improve the strategy laid down by your executives, you're an essential, valuable member of your company. Women need this sort of training.


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