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How to Land Your Sales Pitches with Business Acumen Training

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Business Acumen: Sales Training

According to Harvard Business Review, executives consider less than 20% of the meetings they have with salespeople to be valuable, and as purchasing decisions are more and more often made by committee, getting buy-in from the C-suite is more important than ever. Here’s the problem- while most salespeople understand the benefits of the products and services they sell, the sales targets they need to reach, and even the sales methodology their team utilizes, they often have a myopic view of business and fall back on pushing products rather than helping customers drive long-term success. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Today’s customers don’t need a sales pitch- they need a partner who can provide long-term solutions to their business challenges, and add value (not just push a product ‘til they’re blue in the face). But, traditional sales training develops traditional salespeople. Even if your team utilizes SPIN Selling, Challenger Sale, MEDDIC, Sandler, or any of the other popular sales methodologies out there, those programs won’t hit the mark if your salespeople don't have the proper foundation in business acumen. The reality is, good salespeople are good businesspeople.