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Big Picture: Ideating

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You're sitting in a meeting and someone says, "Now that's a good idea! We should move on that." The meeting ends and nothing happens. Sound all too familiar?

While everyone clamors to innovate and rethink what's possible… it's being confident enough to pull the thread of an opportunity a little further and build so much momentum around an idea that it gets traction - and gets done - that's what sets innovators apart from people with good ideas. Said another way, idea people talk about opportunities… innovators unravel them.

  • Blockbuster: "Rent a lot of movies."

  • Employees: "Got it."

  • Blockbuster: "We're gonna have to let you go."

  • Employees: "Gees. Thanks a lot jerk."

  • Netflix: "Rent a lot of movies through the mail."