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Why Do You Need Business Acumen to Get Hired?

Hiring with Business Acumen

Business Acumen in the Hiring Process:

If you're looking to get a job and to exude business acumen in your interview, you'll want to know how the company generates money.

What products does the company you're applying to have?

What customers does it sell to?

Where does it operate? Is it growing or not?

How profitable is the company?

To nail the interview, you'll want to know all those things before you walk into the building. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to connect the role that you're interviewing for and how you in this position will use business acumen to ultimately contribute to the company's future success.

They're not just hiring you just to do the job — although that's going to be important.

They’re hiring you to make the connection between this position and the goals of the overall organization, to make a huge impact on the company's success moving forward.

Being able to make that linkage point in the interviews on how this role fits within the fundamental direction of the company and its financial performance gives you a much higher likelihood to be hired. They don't just see you as a functional person who understand the functional domain well, but as a part of the bigger picture of the organization’s success.

To Prepare with Business Acumen:

  • Go to the company's investor relations website and get a feel for what are the latest messages, latest trends, strategies, and what the company is communicating broadly.

  • You'll also want to understand what the company's top financial metrics that it uses to measure success.

  • It's important that you understand not only where the company is now in its performance, but where it's trying to go. As you understand more on where the company is going, you can better position your role and your skills — and then better contribute to the future trends of the company.

  • Position yourself to get your dream job with business acumen!

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