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What is a Train the Trainer Program: FAQ About Building Business Acumen Essentials®

We have launched a great Train the Trainer program. Our Building Business Acumen Essentials® program is a great way to get business acumen training widely across your organizations. Whether you're a trainer wanting to train your teams, an individual who wants to learn business acumen, or a decision maker trying to bring business acumen training to your company, you're in the right place! We have covered many confusing topics and frequently asked questions about our program.

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What is a Train the Trainer (T3) Program?

A train-the-trainer program is designed to equip individuals within an organization to train others in specific skills or subjects. It offers the flexibility to roll out learning and development initiatives according to the organization's schedule and preferences. Our Building Business Acumen Essentials (T3) program empowers facilitators, even those with average financial proficiency, to effectively deliver the course content.


What skills do I need to be a trainer of Building Business Acumen Essentials?

The prerequisite for becoming a trainer for Building Business Acumen Essentials is some experience in teaching or facilitating training programs. Our T3 program is structured to provide financial business acumen training regardless of your prior experience. Learning and Development professionals, in-house HR consultants and other corporate facilitators can excel in teaching this course, as it's designed to be less dependent on the facilitator's financial knowledge and more focused on empowering the certified facilitator to deliver the material confidently. We give you all the tools and materials to succeed!


What does the Building Business Acumen Essentials® course cover?

The Building Business Acumen Essentials course covers essential topics such as business acumen, financial literacy, and practical applications within participants' roles and organizations. The course also includes case studies, videos, actionable insights, class discussions, team activities, simulations, and other valuable resources to enhance learning and development. As a trainer, you will be certified to help participants:

            -Understand the bigger picture of the business

            -Align their decisions to the corporate strategy

            -Be more influential within the organization

            -Build their credibility

            -Know where to focus their efforts

            -Create greater engagement for them and their team

            -Find ways to help the company grow


What are the benefits of doing a T3 vs. hiring an Acumen Learning consultant?

Our T3 approach offers several advantages. Firstly, it is a more cost-effective solution, allowing organizations to allocate resources efficiently. If you’re hoping to put several hundred people through a business acumen course, T3 might be the option for you! Our Building Business Acumen Essentials T3 program offers flexibility in terms of delivery and scheduling. While there may be some differences in delivery experience between internal trainers and external consultants, the T3 model emphasizes facilitation over teaching, ensuring effective knowledge transfer within the organization.


Can I get certified as an individual?

The Building Business Acumen Essentials certification process is tailored for organizational deployment rather than individual certification. Essentially, an individual certification is tied to a company AND an individual. An individual will get certified under their company and can use their skills to teach the course within that company they get certified with.


What does the certification process look like?

The certification process typically spans a 10-hour training session, divided into 2 days. You will first experience the course content on day one and then you will learn how to effectively deliver it on day two.


We highly encourage the facilitators to teach the course within the first 90 days to maintain proficiency. Additionally, ongoing support is provided through resources like David Covey, a Master Trainer for the program, and a community of T3 facilitators for continuous learning and development.

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