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The Benefits of Business Acumen for Sales

Sales Misses the Mark

Forester created a study a few years ago where they discovered that eight out of 10 executive buyers say sales meetings are a waste of time. In fact, where sales reps graded their own meeting preparedness as a "B," C-suite buyers rated them as an "F"! And executives' complaints came down really to one issue: salespeople don't know their businesses. Executives often complained about simple stuff like, "I'm publicly traded. They should know my business. Why are they coming and asking me what my business is?" Or they'll say, "What's my biggest challenge? A lot of that is out in the public arena. They can find that information. What I need is I need somebody who can come in, understand my business as well as I or as close as well as I can, and then help me see how their products or service can drive towards it." And that's what business acumen allows us to do.