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Sales Leaders of a Medical Device Company Drive Growth and Margins with Business Acumen Training

Press Release

OREM, Utah – September 1, 2023

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News Facts:

  • A Prominent Medical Device Company’s Sales Leaders Drive Growth and Margins with Acumen Learning’s Customized Business Acumen Training

  • Acumen Learning, a renowned leader in business acumen training, has once again received strong support from industry leaders. The Chief Human Resources Officer at a medical device company had previously taken an Acumen Learning course during their time at a prominent pharmaceutical company. Impressed by the positive impact of the training, they eagerly wanted to introduce customized business acumen training in their new role at the medical device company.

  • To address the competitive nature of the medical device industry, Acumen Learning was brought in to equip the organization’s sales leaders with crucial business skills and encourage continuous learning. The primary focus of the training was to help these leaders understand the delicate balance between growth and margins, aligning their roles with the company’s strategic objectives. The training deepened their grasp of financial concepts and strategic priorities, enhancing their effectiveness in their respective positions.

  • The customized business acumen course provided sales leaders with essential business tools while highlighting the importance of an ongoing journey of business acumen development. This empowerment enabled them to make well-informed decisions that not only positively influenced profit margins but also fueled sustainable growth. Additionally, the training fostered alignment, enabling participants to seamlessly connect their roles to the overarching company strategy, all while emphasizing the benefits of continuous business acumen learning.

  • The success of the partnership between Acumen Learning and the medical device company highlights the transformative potential of business acumen training in driving organizational success. Acumen Learning takes pride in working with 7 of the 10 largest medical device companies worldwide.

Supporting Quotes:

  • “It was very interesting and gave valuable insights into how the team views the financials and what is important to them and to us as a company,” wrote the Head of Financial Planning at this medical device company.

  • “The value was tremendous. Finance is shaping the way the business goes forward.”

  • “You took a difficult concept and brought it into something that is easy to understand. You make it relatable and delivered it in an engaging way.”

  • “This wasn’t just a dump of content. It taught us how to apply it to our business,” wrote the Head of Sales at this medical device company

  • “When senior leaders delivered their forecasts for 2024, most, if not every one of them referenced the 5 drivers. The way we educate and the way we deliver language is to be consistent in our approach.”

  • “Our partnership with this medical device leader highlights our commitment to empowering organizations through tailored learning experiences,” says Weston Winegar, Director of Business Development at Acumen Learning.

  • “Business acumen is not a destination; it’s a continuous learning journey," notes President of Acumen Learning, Ben Cook. "At Acumen Learning, we’re dedicated to guiding organizations on this path, just as we’ve done with the sales leaders at this well respected medical device company. Their journey reflects our commitment to empowering individuals and teams as they navigate the ever-evolving landscape of business.”

About Acumen Learning

Founded in 2002, Acumen Learning's highly customized business acumen and sales training programs have helped organizations develop employees who are more engaged, efficient, and effective in their work. To further support its mission, Acumen Learning published, Seeing the Big Picture – Business Acumen to Build Your Credibility, Career, and Company, in 2012 which quickly became a #1 Wall Street Journal and a New York Times bestseller. More than 20 years later, Acumen Learning has been trusted by more than 200 organizations on six continents to help employees understand how their company makes money, and to take real steps towards improving that process.


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