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A Top 10 Auto Tech Supplier Partners With Acumen Learning for Change Initiatives and Business Acumen

Press Release OREM, Utah – May 24, 2023

Download the Business Acumen Press Release:

News Facts:

  • One of the top 10 automotive technology suppliers in the world partnered with Acumen Learning to enhance their business acumen for change management initiatives.

  • To align people managers, seasoned manufacturing employees, and engineers in the European sector — who are often faced with restructuring expenses and supply chain challenges — the company sought assistance to overcome these hurdles. They needed business acumen tools to navigate these obstacles effectively.

  • Acumen Learning developed a tailored one-day business acumen course specifically catering to the Connected System (CS) business unit of the company. The course aimed to enhance participants’ understanding of the manufacturing business, enabling them to recognize the direct impact of their individual roles on the company’s overall performance. During the course, we collectively addressed the bottlenecks hindering plant operations and explored strategies to eliminate them.

  • After the one-day business acumen training, the team members expressed a strong interest in exploring the concepts further. They were highly engaged and enthusiastic, leading the company to add an extra course for the Electrical Distribution Systems (EDS) business unit. We addressed their specific challenges and helped align the CS and EDS units with their goals. The company is now eager to implement the training into their sales teams and different sectors around the world.

  • Acumen Learning is confident in our expertise in collaborating with automotive technology suppliers, and we are delighted to welcome another top 10 global company to our esteemed list of clients.

Supporting Quotes:

  • “Very practical exercises. Some very constructive points. All in all [our] feedback is only positive.”

  • “Great Course! Helped us to see the big picture.”

  • “Thank you for making this happen and Kelvin, thank you for not sleeping. You had great energy! Congratulation to all. The feedback was very good.”

  • “Very well done. We will meet with our colleagues around the world about the training.”

  • “It has been clear to us in our 20+ years of working with every industry, every function, and in every geography, that every business needs smarter businesspeople at all levels,” says Ben Cook, President of Acumen Learning. “Business acumen equips each individual with the knowledge, insights, and mindset to make business-savvy decisions, seize new opportunities, and drive sustainable success. In today’s complex and interconnected world, developing strong business acumen is not just a competitive advantage; it is an essential skill for thriving in any role or industry.”

  • “Facing challenges distinct to their industry, this automotive technology supplier demonstrates admirable foresight. I applaud them for seeking out business acumen to overcome these hurdles because it would have been extremely challenging to do it on their own. Their commitment to acquiring business acumen showcases their dedication to navigating the complexities of their industry with strategic insight and proficiency.”

About Acumen Learning

Founded in 2002, Acumen Learning's highly customized business acumen and sales training programs have helped organizations develop employees who are more engaged, efficient, and effective in their work. To further support its mission, Acumen Learning published, Seeing the Big Picture – Business Acumen to Build Your Credibility, Career, and Company, in 2012 which quickly became a #1 Wall Street Journal and a New York Times bestseller. More than 20 years later, Acumen Learning has been trusted by more than 200 organizations on six continents to help employees understand how their company makes money, and to take real steps towards improving that process.


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