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Acumen Learning Wins Partnership with Fortune 500 Investment Bank for Customized Business Acumen

Press Release OREM, Utah – April 14, 2023

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News Facts:

  • Acumen Learning Wins Partnership with Fortune 500 Investment Bank for Customized Business Acumen Courses.

  • The investment bank sought out Acumen Learning to improve the understanding of the C-suite and enhance communication skills among their sales executives and client-facing managers.

  • Acumen Learning's customized business acumen course was taught to account executives, solutions architects, marketing professionals, and several client-facing roles. The course focused on building these leaders' skills to gain insights on publicly recorded information, engage in meaningful conversations, and establish stronger connections with executives and C-suite members.

  • The attendees of the business acumen course highly praised the program, as it provided them with a deeper understanding of the C-suite and equipped them with effective strategies for engaging with executives.

  • Acumen Learning has a proven track record of delivering customized business acumen courses to 16 different financial institutions, including 3 of the Top 10 Fortune 500 Financial Companies. This successful partnership further cements Acumen Learning's reputation as a top provider of business acumen training.

  • The company's expertise in providing customized training to companies on the Fortune 500 list, including 32 of the Fortune 50, has attracted attention from financial institutions looking to enhance their employees' skills and knowledge.

  • Business and financial acumen training can help employees understand the bigger picture, see how their work fits into the company's overall goals, and make better decisions that benefit the company and its clients.

Supporting Quotes:

  • "The course was fantastic, very well run and informative. I found it really insightful and finally understand how to read company quarterly and annual statements. The session was interactive, which I enjoyed immensely."

  • "The class was very helpful and relevant. The trainer was good and knowledgeable. I really liked learning the 5 Drivers, which will help me make better decisions with my team. The course content was excellent, and the pace was just right. I would highly recommend it."

  • "We've seen a record number of financial institutions reaching out to us over the last two years, seeking to equip their employees with the skills and knowledge they need to navigate the complexities facing their industry," notes Brent Barclay, COO of Acumen Learning, "From the new digital wallet competition coming from tech giants like Apple, Google, and Paypal to the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, it's more important than ever for financial professionals to have a strong understanding of business acumen. We're proud to be at the forefront of this effort, helping to build the leaders of tomorrow in the financial industry."

  • As Ryan Hunt, Senior Financial Consultant with Acumen Learning, notes: "Financial institutions are facing unprecedented levels of disruption and competition, and the ability to navigate this changing landscape has become a key differentiator. At Acumen Learning, we're committed to providing the training and development that financial professionals need to succeed in this environment. Our business acumen courses are designed to provide real-world insights and practical skills that help our clients stay ahead of the curve and drive success in their businesses."

About Acumen Learning

Founded in 2002, Acumen Learning's highly customized business acumen and sales training programs have helped organizations develop employees who are more engaged, efficient, and effective in their work. To further support its mission, Acumen Learning published, Seeing the Big Picture – Business Acumen to Build Your Credibility, Career, and Company, in 2012 which quickly became a #1 Wall Street Journal and a New York Times bestseller. More than 20 years later, Acumen Learning has been trusted by more than 200 organizations on six continents to help employees understand how their company makes money, and to take real steps towards improving that process.


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