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98 ASTD Comments


We've received Kevin Cope's "ASTD 2010 International Conference & Exposition Session Evaluation Summary Report" (that's a mouthful). The scores and feedback were once again outstanding - and we're going to prove it this year by posting the reports and all 101 comments (even the two comments that were not so positive) here on our blog. We've bolded some of our favorite comments and not-so-favorite comments. Keep in mind that these were hand written comments and ASTD converted them, so some of the comments might read a little funny.

P.S. If you're planning an executive retreat, a leadership summit, a sales conference… whatever… we'd love to be on your keynote shortlist. Give us a call today: 801-224-5444.



  1. My favorite class so far. Moved at a good speed & included audience nice skill! Liked the voting buttons. Good videos!

  2. Excellent info, great presentation skills & interaction great presentation in tough subject!

  3. Excellent!

  4. 5 basic element were great loved the contracting content, and humor

  5. Outstanding

  6. Great session. Challenging concepts made easy! Interactive – great presenter.

  7. Loved the video clips to make a point polling was great will take some quotes back to the office & post them for everyone to see

  8. Best session I have attended so far. I have information to share with my business leaders that will help them see that value my team can add to the business...the impact of L & D!!

  9. I am now interested in knowing more about my company’s annual performance

  10. The content was to basic for me, but I did get a sense of how to approach teaching others who are at the beginner stage with business acumen.

  11. Great speaker – great info!

  12. B.A. was an area which “needed improvement” on my 360: l learned a lot from this presentation to take back w/ me.

  13. Presentation was invaluable!! Many take aways – knowing where my company stands and asking my boss the real questions!

  14. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I learned more in your 1-hr session than a year with my boss.

  15. Great presenter.

  16. Great presenter. Awesome engaging

  17. Great session. Great presenter!

  18. Would have been better if we got the handout w/the slides I was taking dictation for most of the session.

  19. Entertaining, in formatting, challenging session. Encouraged to learn more on the topic

  20. This session was fairly disappointing. I think that Kevin knows some great information but presentation pace, etc. hampered the information. The pace is too fast in the number at slides, etc.

  21. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for making the printouts useful and not just a copy of your slide deck.

  22. Appreciated the presenter taking conceptual info & making it applicable

  23. Outstanding – very effective in a short time

  24. Present / describe as more relevant for “for profit org” consider – integrating a not for profit approach

  25. Nice info. But was I in the correct session.

  26. Excellent model to teach learning profession

  27. I work for Fed gov’t. There isn’t competition in our market. I will have conversation w/ customers regarding gaps, Great suggestion.

  28. Great interactive used during session.

  29. Great speaker, engaging, valuable information that you can relate too.

  30. Used survey technology to re-in force learning

  31. Very practical & I learned some new ways I can have an impact at my company. Excellent session

  32. Really build the pace & enthusiasm good refined delivered in an interesting & relevant way.

  33. Thank you for the interactivity

  34. The give aways were unexpected but not really needed because the session content and delivery were excellent. Really liked the way examples were integrated throughout that we could relate to.

  35. This discussion was by for the best investment of my time so far relative to others attended at this conference.

  36. Great session!!

  37. At row your company

  38. Define. ### how an impact on helps employees understand how they fit into the big picture

  39. Was very engaging and covered a dry topic in an entertaining way.

  40. Business acumen – imperative to tie learning metrics to financials so learning can be seen as an investment, tangible & intangible, rather than as an experience – Kevin Cope nailed it – excellent content/ platform

  41. Very engaging presentation – informative, relatable & keep my interest

  42. Great interaction w/ audience. Put content into understandable terms great practical, usable information. Great videos

  43. Great presenter! Good topic to learn more about that we in L & D don’t always focus on, but need.

  44. Would be nice to have handout to make notes on

  45. Good facilitation skills. Compact but well – organized PT.

  46. Great presentation!

  47. Wow! Fun & interesting presentation! The best class I’ve been to this year!

  48. Best presenter and applicable content. Loved it!

  49. Nice to use clickers

  50. Really helped me to decide to quit my team on our business. Puts big picture perspective.

  51. I will get to know my company better – thanks for bringing light to this

  52. Phenomenal

  53. Great communication

  54. Excellent!

  55. Best thus far!

  56. Real time voting was a great activity. Helpful presentation – good info presented in engaging manner good pacing – great examples that brought principles to life.

  57. Excellent! Best session of the conference so far! Well done.

  58. Best session of conference so far! Will definitely follow-up after conference.

  59. This was great. Thanks!

  60. Realistic to today events

  61. High energy presenter. Excellent use of technology & facilitation methods to rein force concepts. Learned.

  62. Great session. Interactive, fun & informative. Well done!

  63. Best presenter I have seen at the conference so far. Thanks so much – guard task

  64. I expected this session to the buck to L & D more. However, I did learn ideas I can apply to work and personally. Good session

  65. Taught very systematically. Made it learnable..Taught there would be non about personal credibility – didn’t really feel like “gaining personal credibility”

  66. Excellent & very practiced & immediately can apply content.

  67. Excellent – best session this week

  68. Excellent speaker, format, learning aides. Fantastic!

  69. Great session! He really boiled down “business acumen” into understanding chunks.

  70. Learned a lot about, and refreshed my business acumen but difficult to align with ting & development. Very interactive session. Good use of a variety of presentation techniques that work.

  71. Great job – very valuable. Thank you.

  72. This session was phenomenal

  73. Excellent! Favorite/best ROI of all sessions so far!

  74. A lot of energy – excellent great audience participation

  75. Good

  76. This session alone was worth every penny I paid for the conference! It was so valuable I am going to completely change my approach to T & D.

  77. Great presentation!

  78. Great session!

  79. Excellent session!

  80. In my 40 years of owning business and working for a large corp, most still do not understand the importance of people.

  81. Repeat comments from audience so everyone can hear

  82. Excellent

  83. Good points except customer service – Nordstroms is not # 1 (Kohls is) and doesn’t have the highest profit margin

  84. Amazing session! Thank you

  85. Did not realize the focus was on sales. As a non-profit-did not apply. Thought it would be more introspective

  86. Better understanding in layman’s terms of the fine bush. Will pick up job aid in your booth asp, appreciated how the handled feedback from bear of room of when he acknowledge answers from audience. Kudo’s & well done!

  87. Excellent session – one of the best so far. Interesting interaction lively session – clear, concise delivery. Presentation talks to rather talks at audience.

  88. The “how do you impact” questions were very helpful in terms of connecting concepts with application

  89. I’ve attended several financial intel sessions before, first one that actually , “stuck” with me!

  90. Very good

  91. My husband is a stockbroker & I know you were right on with the companies!

  92. Very useful information that was well delivered. Great session

  93. The best presentation I have attended at the conference. My take away is I need to show my company the cost (vs) return for building my corporate university institute... this is what I have been missing!

  94. Knew more than I realized made a detailed topic plainer & understandable

  95. Great presentation style

  96. Excellent!

  97. Excellent clean presentation – not over the top; the applied it to all fields of business of life. Thanks!

  98. Learn more about my company’s financials!


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