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Acumen Learning CEO Builds Business Acumen of Leaders at ATD Conference

Press Release

OREM, UTAH — Acumen Learning CEO Kevin Cope brought business acumen to life during his session at ATD 2018, a top international conference and exposition for talent development professionals and human resource leaders. A 13-year veteran speaker at ATD conferences, Kevin wowed the ATD audience and received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

“You might think that business acumen would be a dry topic, but not when Kevin Cope is the speaker,” said one conference attendee. “It was a great session with great content and great humor.”

Said another attendee: “Kevin was engaging and his material relevant. I didn’t want the session to end!”

Asked to rate the speaker’s presentation skills and subject-matter expertise on a scale from one to five, more than 90% of the audience awarded Kevin a five.

“I went to the bookstore and bought the last two copies of Kevin’s book on the shelf,” said another attendee. “I hope that Kevin Cope is a speaker at future conferences!”

Kevin’s next speaking engagement is in Chicago at SHRM18 on June 18, 2018. To learn more about business acumen before then, check out “Seeing the Big Picture” by Kevin Cope, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, or visit

About Acumen Learning

If employees don’t know how their companies make money, how can they be trusted to set the right priorities and implement the right initiatives? They can’t! New York Times best-selling authors Kevin Cope and Stephen M. R. Covey founded the world’s leading business acumen training organization, Acumen Learning, to teach professionals about the business of their businesses. Since 2002, more than 500,000 business leaders in more than 35 countries and 22 of the Fortune 50 have counted on Acumen Learning to drive their business results through customized trainings.


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