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virtual business acumen training

Virtual Training: Building Business Acumen® for


Reach everyone.

Whether working from home or at the office, business acumen training can be a part of your workforce's curriculum. Since 2010, Acumen Learning has been pioneering virtual instructor-led courses, and there's no time like the present to teach your employees what executives need them to know and do.


Global Reach & Inclusivity

business acumen for sales

Budget Friendly

business acumen for sales

Highly Interactive

Did you know…

72% of executives report their companies adopting permanent remote-working arrangements.

And if that's not compelling enough...

Nearly 40% of the workforce in the United States has the potential to work from anywhere. It's expected that there will be a 20% reduction in corporate travel spending by 2023.

virtual business acumen
virtual business acumen

Your solution awaits...

Virtual Building Business Acumen

Virtual Instructor-Led Training replicates our customized classroom experience. Your customized Building Business Acumen virtual course will teach your employees wherever they are to be smarter business leaders without compromising on quality.

Understand key business drivers and financial statements

Align your individual and team decisions with executive initiatives

Evaluate trade-offs between competing options or decisions

Make bolder and faster business decisions

In the end, any professional, from any department, will understand the business of your business.

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Develop employees who are experts in your business… 

As easy as 1, 2, boom!

A great strength of Acumen Learning is that we customize our content to every individual client and to each audience. That means, at a minimum, we use your financial statements to teach strategy, finance, and business acumen in your company's voice, and we use the exercises that you choose to ensure direct application of the concepts in each participant’s role. And it's a process that can be measured in weeks, not months. Boom!

Step I

Choose Your Virtual Offering

We can customize our deliveries to best suit your needs. We can teach over multiple days or in 4-hour chunks, or create a blended solution.

Step II

Customize Your Course

Together we'll customize your course to cover the concepts, key metrics, and strategies that are important to your CEO.

Step III

Schedule Your Course

Let's have a conversation about how our virtual business acumen training course can help your corporation. Reach us at 801-224-5444.

Hear from participants...

You're in good company.


Todd Harrison, Ed.D. • 2nd

Director, Global Organizational Effectiveness and Talent

Kevin and the Acumen Learning team deliver the absolute best business acumen training on the market. In a former company where I worked, even the Finance and Accounting folks said they learned a lot from the session. It is worth the time to check out what Acumen Learning has to offer.


DeWayne Addison • 2nd

Enterprise Account Executive

Kevin and team did an outstanding job with us for the Business Acumen training. Very insightful and at a good pace. During these pandemic times, we did it virtually and it went off without a hitch. Highly recommended and thanks to Kevin again!

virtual business acumen

We know your industry…

Our consultants have worked directly with over 200 different companies and have conducted research on all of their top competitors. This gives them an unparalleled perspective into a wide range of industries. What are the main strategies for driving growth in retail? How are hospitals navigating new industry regulations? Who’s leading in the energy sector? We know the answers to these questions and more, and we’ll give your teams information specific to your business and partners' needs.

Do your employees understand the business of your business?

While most people understand their job, only one out of ten understand metrics that are important to their CEO, and 95% don’t understand their company’s strategy. You end up with employees who are more interested in only getting their work done than in seeing how their work contributes to the bottom line. But when employees have business acumen, productivity accelerates, engagement improves, and solutions come together as individuals, teams, and executives align around common objectives.

virtual business acumen
virtual business acumen

Customers want a partner, not a pitch…

CEOs need employees who aren't just great at their role but exceptional business leaders. Someone who can help them along the path forward. A business leader who make strategic, data-driven actions. In other words, your CEOs wants to have business people who just so happen to be in HR or IT or Engineering.

As such, your training will have a particular focus on executive needs. Participants will be taught how to quickly analyze your company's communications from a strategic and financial perspective and create action items around that strategy.

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Virtual Business Acumen Training
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