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What's Next for Zoom? Join our Earnings Call Breakdown!

Business Acumen: Zoom

The world has been inching towards digitalization for decades, but the coronavirus pandemic pushed us off the digital edge. We were forced to work, educate, run errands, and socialize from behind a screen; not only to survive economically but also to keep some sort of connection to the world outside our suddenly everyday-is-casual-Friday lives. Everything from medical appointments to grocery shopping quickly pivoted to meet the changing environment. I mean, how many people do you think tried curbside pickup for the first time in the last twelve months?

Although Zoom has been successful for years, the pandemic made it essential for everyday life and business. As most companies struggled to survive the new normal, many digital companies have reached a new level of success. In Zoom’s case, from its original IPO in April 2019 to its peak in October 2020, Zoom’s stock grew nine times its original listing. However, though the pandemic still plays a major factor in today’s world, vaccine rollouts and relaxing rules are loosening Zoom’s grip on our dependance. What does a post-pandemic Zoom look like? How will the company continue to grow? How have they been handling the success and growth from the last year? What are the company’s strategic plans moving forward? These are just a few of the things that have made Zoom so interesting to us!