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The Power of Positive Thinking and Business Success


I came across this enlightening article by Jessica Lee called The Power of Positive Thinking and Business Success. She talks about how our mind is so powerful, and our thoughts control how we live our every day lives. Positive thinking can absolutely impact the success of a business. She goes on to say, "The No. 1 rule that people tell us over and over again is not to believe in limitation. Don’t give in to negative thoughts. Belief in limitation creates limitation. These false beliefs block motivation and harvest fear."

Limiting ourselves in the workplace can definitely make a negative impact in your day to day lives at the office. If we approach our business endeavors with "I can" and "I will", then it will change our path to success. Jessica goes on to say that first we need to focus on ourselves. Make us the best version of ourselves that we can be. Don't limit ourselves. Take responsibility for our actions, thoughts, and attitudes. Know that we have the power to change those things ourselves, but it is up to us to take those steps to change. She also talks about how we need to realize that we cannot control the outcome of situations, but we can control how we react to them. This is so important! And after we focus on ourselves, then we can focus on our coworkers. Help them. Motivate them. Support them. But most importantly, BELIEVE in them. Jessica says, "No matter how inexperienced they might be, no matter how difficult they might be, no matter what the circumstances are, when you begin to believe that people can achieve, they start to believe in themselves. They start to achieve. When you reach out from a place of willingness, things begin to happen. When you exude an attitude of enthusiasm and willingness, it can create immeasurable value to your workplace."

I loved this article because sometimes in business we can easily be swept into a negative tornado where it's hard to see a way out or a light at the end of the tunnel. But this article tell us that we don't have to let the tornado take us down! Our attitudes and actions in the workplace are all up to us. The power of positive thinking is so important because it is contagious and people around us at our jobs will be able to feel our positive energy.


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