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Can Chevron Continue to Evolve to Stay on Top?

Business Acumen: Chevron

For 145 years, Chevron has been a leader in the energy industry. Throughout its long and storied history, the company has fought to see continued growth and reinvented itself numerous times to withstand hardships, including the challenging, and extremely cyclical nature of the energy industry. In 2020, Chevron, like the rest of the energy industry, was hit hard when the COVID pandemic shut down the world and economy. The global demand for oil fell by about 25%, and mass layoffs were taking place throughout the industry. Since then, like many other industries, energy is experiencing a recovery...but interestingly, the pandemic also appears to have pressed the “fast-forward” button on many industry trends that have been on industry leaders' radars for years. Things that we typically wouldn’t have expected to see for another decade or so, such as the push for more technology+IoT solutions, pressure to pursue more environmentally friendly energy solutions, and concerns about the ability of aging infrastructure to support consumer demand. Currently, Chevron is the second largest oil company in America, and is active in more than 180 countries...but how will the oil and gas giant address these challenges? And where will they be after all of these tren