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A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Fosters Sales Excellence Through Business Acumen Training

Press Release

OREM, Utah – August 17, 2023

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News Facts:

  • In collaboration with an industry leader in the PEO (Professional Employer Organization) sector, Acumen Learning embarked on a transformative initiative aimed at enhancing the sales proficiency and business acumen competency of the organization’s sales teams.

  • This innovative company hosts an annual National Sales Summit for its sales leaders, designed to elevate their skills. Acumen Learning crafted a customized business acumen curriculum tailored specifically to this company’s unique needs. It was highlighted that a pivotal aspect of a successful sales leader lies in their profound understanding of their clients’ businesses, underlining the utmost importance of business acumen.

  • Through the customized business acumen session, the company took a powerful step in enabling their sales leaders to deeply understand the strategic direction, financial realities, and business impact of their clients and then position their solutions in an approach that directly links their contribution to the clients’ financial success. This partnership exemplifies the critical importance of building meaningful relationships in driving greater sales success.

  • Following the program’s completion, the feedback from the Professional Employer Organization has been resoundingly positive. The results underscored the success of the session, with expressing their unequivocal satisfaction and enthusiasm for the future of their sales teams and teams across the organization. They are excited to continue their journey of business acumen and are committed to continuing their expertise in the industries they work within.

  • Acumen Learning is honored to add this Professional Employer Organization to their list of esteemed graduates and are excited to continue their learning journey with them.

Supporting Quotes:

  • “I had hopes it would be great and expectations it would be great, but it was better than my hopes and expectations,” notes Executive Vice President of this Professional Employer Organization. “I was really impressed with the customization.”

  • “We’ve already changed internal messaging to include the 5 drivers. It’s becoming part of the company language.”

  • “I thought the breakouts were great,” says the Vice President of this PEO. “I’m a big fan of getting us out of our shells and getting out of our seat.”

  • “We have new employees who we’d love to have go through the business acumen training as part of the onboarding process.”

  • “Our collaboration with this visionary PEO was a remarkable success,” says Brian Peterson, Director of Business Development at Acumen Learning. “We witnessed a tangible shift in their sales teams’ approach, reflecting a profound understanding of their clients’ needs. This partnership demonstrates the potential for transformative change when industry leaders come together to champion sales excellence.”

  • “This initiative was a unique opportunity to help a forward-thinking company revolutionize their approach to sales," says Acumen Learning's President, Ben Cook. "By grasping their clients’ businesses on a fundamental level, sales professionals can build more meaningful relationships and drive greater success. It’s not just about meeting quotas but forging lasting partnerships that thrive in a dynamic marketplace.”

About Acumen Learning

Founded in 2002, Acumen Learning's highly customized business acumen and sales training programs have helped organizations develop employees who are more engaged, efficient, and effective in their work. To further support its mission, Acumen Learning published, Seeing the Big Picture – Business Acumen to Build Your Credibility, Career, and Company, in 2012 which quickly became a #1 Wall Street Journal and a New York Times bestseller. More than 20 years later, Acumen Learning has been trusted by more than 200 organizations on six continents to help employees understand how their company makes money, and to take real steps towards improving that process.


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