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"Very helpful to understand basic financials, the perspective of executive leadership and their priorities and how to impact those areas in my day-to-day work."

Sustainment Engineering Manager

Lockheed Martin

With emerging technologies and new capabilities, manufacturers must adjust to the current realities of the marketplace. Companies that are able to take advantage of our new age of interconnectedness with customers, suppliers, partners and employees will emerge as the leaders of tomorrow.


But capitalizing on this new technology driven marketplace will take agility and speed. In our interviews with leaders in this space, the challenge is clear: companies must be able to balance this faster pace of innovation without risking their investments in plant and equipment.


The goal of training departments within the manufacturing industry should be focused on teaching employees how to utilize the right resources and set the right priorities that lead to profitability.


Executive Business Acumen Training

Executive Alignment

"I think like an owner and believe in our vision."

Leadership Business Acumen Training


"I understand our strategy and how it drives our vision."

Analytical Skills Business Acumen Training

Analytical Skills

"I now how to bridge the gap between strategy and execution."

Decision Making Business Acumen Training

Decision Making

"I know what to do and how to get important work done."

Communication Business Acumen Training


"I am curious and interested in making things work better."

"Very informational, deep dive into the 5 Business Drivers of KIA. I enjoyed the group activities and brainstorming with my colleagues on the different group activities and seeing their opinions on where they thought KMA was excelling or needed improvement."

HR Generalist