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Seeing the Big Picture

Called an MBA in 180 pages, Seeing the Big Picture is the basis for Acumen Learning's customized business acumen training courses. 

At Acumen Learning, our purpose is to teach employees how to make faster and better business decisions – we teach them how their company makes money, how their decisions impact the bottom line, and why their role matters. We specialize in customized business and financial acumen courses that are relevant, interactive, and actionable.

Transform your workforce to be business leaders.

Whether you're looking for greater alignment, engagement, or productivity, business acumen training can bridge the gap. Empower your employees with the training they need to understand your company's strategy and financial metrics regardless of industry.

Understand Business Acumen Training

Understand your company's strategy

Business Acumen Training Important to CEOs

Learn financial metrics important to your CEO

Business Acumen Training Matters

Know why your role matters to the business

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