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Personal Invitations: Email Templates

Business Acumen Course Flyers

One of the best ways to get participants to sign up for an open enrollment course is to personally invite departments or teams within specific areas of the company. This can be done in a variety of ways, but we've seen great success through an email invitation.


In this toolkit, you’ll find several email draft templates for various audiences to help make it easier for you to invite participants to the class. There are several versions to choose from, intended for various audiences that you may want to invite to the course. We’re also happy to help you further customize the messages to better reach a specific audience within your company. We recommend attaching a copy of one of our flyers to the email and having the HR Business Partner or department manager personalize and send the message to potential candidate attendees.

Download email templates:

We have included five different flyers in this packet, all geared toward different audiences that we commonly teach. You’re welcome to use any flyer that speaks to the audience you’d like to target, and we’re happy to help you customize the messaging further for more targeted audiences that you may want to invite. 

We’ve designed the flyers using PowerPoint which makes them easy to customize the course and registration details. We recommend converting the flyers to a PDF to make it easy to attach them to email invites. Another effective technique is to pin flyers up in common areas like break rooms, restrooms, HR office areas, etc. You can also cross-promote courses by having your other trainers pass out flyers after other popular courses. Our trainers are also happy to hand out flyers and encourage participants to register for other courses you offer.

Download flyer templates:

Course Descriptions

One major key to filling open enrollment classes is to have a great course description in your Learning Management system. As each company’s LMS is a little different, we’ve created course descriptions in varying lengths that you can use however works best for your LMS. Included is a brief one-paragraph description of the course, as well as course objectives, and a more detailed competency description.


You are free to further customize the course descriptions for a more specific audience or group within your company, and of course, we’re happy to help you put that together as well.


Download course description templates:


We’ve created a short video that explains the topic of business acumen and why developing it is so critical to employees at every level of an organization. Sharing this video is a great way to give employees a taste of what the learning experience will be like in our class. We recommend including a link to the video in your email invitations or adding it to your LMS description if possible. You can also include the video on your own internal video server, or play it in break rooms or during breaks in other courses. We’re happy to customize the video to a specific group in your company as well.

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pr12giEsBSk

Previewer Invitations

To help you cross-promote the course to more departments and groups within your company, Acumen Learning encourages you to invite previewers to audit the course free of charge. We’ve included an email draft that you’re welcome to use to invite department heads who may have interest in business acumen training for their teams.

If you have previewers who will be attending, please let your client coordinator or consultant know who will be previewing when you schedule the course so that we can make sure we have materials for them. You can also call us at 801-224-5444 prior to the class to let us know who will be previewing.

Quarterly Earnings Call

Many of our clients have included quarterly earnings calls in their course follow-up as well, so in this packet, we’ve also included an email template and flyer to help you encourage course participants to participate in the calls. We recommend attaching the flyer to an email that you send to course participants after the class is over to remind them about the calls. Depending on how your LMS is set up, you can use part of the description there as well.

Download templates for Quarterly Earnings Call: 


Helping your teams master your business​

This site contains resources that will help you fill your business acumen training classes. We’ve developed sample email content, flyers, course descriptions and even a short video introducing the topic we teach.

We’re also happy to help you customize any of the resources to better fit your intended audience or to help you create new items that will fill your needs. Feel free to contact our internal marketing specialist team for more help! 

Acumen Learning Marketing Team

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