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Monthly & Quarterly Business Acumen Lessons

business acumen training


Keep your team's business acumen sharp through  monthly Acumen in Actions lessons. Every month for an entire year, graduates are emailed a quick (10-15 minute) activity to be shared in a team meeting. Graduates are expected to lead these discussions, even if they’re not the team leader. Included are job aids and case studies.


Think of it as your secret weapon in building your organization’s bench strength.

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business acumen training
online business acumen training
business acumen training


Our Quarterly Earnings Calls are the ultimate follow-up to an instructor-led business acumen course. Every quarter, shortly after your earnings are released, graduates will join their facilitator on a web conference to break down your company’s most recent earnings announcement using the Navigating the Financials and Executive Alignment tools they received in class.

In about an hour, your facilitator will reconnect graduates to concepts they learned in class and share insights into your executive team’s analysis of the business and industry. They’ll review key numbers and look at the business like an investor. And most importantly, we’re not merely disseminating company information – we’re modeling how to listen to future executive releases… quarter-after-quarter and year-after-year.

Next to taking one of our customized courses, there’s no better way to build your business acumen than to participate on one of our Quarterly Earnings Calls.

business acumen training

Why is this business acumen training for your team?

95% of employees don't understand their company's strategy.