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We’ve made tools and job aids an essential part of our business acumen training programs. While there are many training vendors who give out a token job aide at the end of the day as a sort of thank you – we’ve gone beyond this.

Our tools have been integrated with our classroom experience – we’re modeling how to effectivly use the tools to add value to the business. Breaking participants into groups, to get hands on experience using the tools with their classmates, is an ah-ha moment for attendees. They quickly realize that what they’re doing in the classroom is what they’re expected to do back on the job. And not just once or twice, but for the rest of their career.

  • #1 Bestseller: Seeing the Big Picture
    Called an MBA in under 180 pages, Seeing the Big Picture simplifies the complexities of business and reinforces the principles and ideas learned in the classroom. A quick and easy read, participants will be reminded how a deep understanding of their company can help build the credibility and career they want. And it can make their work more fulfilling and purpose-driven by highlighting how they influence the success of their team, department, and organization.

    Every participant receives a copy of this bestselling book, and while they’re expected to read it, they’re also shown in class how to use it as a reference guide to help them convincingly communicate their ideas to leaders, improve their team’s performance, and discover new strategies for proving their value.

  • Job Aid: Navigating the Financials
    While it is important that individuals understand the basic purpose and formula of financial statements, it is even more important that they understand the key financial metrics that the company uses to measure success. The Navigating the Financials tool and activity teaches participants how to quickly (in under 10 minutes) find and calculate the metrics that are critical to your company’s success. We customize this tool for each and every client to reflect the metrics that are important to their CEO.

    Graduates are instructed to use this tool quarter-after-quarter and year-after-year when earnings are released (remember the goal is to have this analysis take less than 10 minutes). Overtime, participants will have created a library documenting your company’s financial performance, but more importantly, they’ll start connecting their work to what really matters to the business.

    We’re convinced, as are our clients, that a career commitment to this single activity will instill a sense of financial confidence that will be reflected in all aspects of a graduate’s career.

  • Job Aid: Executive Alignment
    As a class we’ll use our Executive Alignment tool and activity to analyze your latest letter to shareholders or some other piece of executive communication. Together we’ll look for the telltale signs of what’s driving innovation and competitive advantage, and what executives are seeing on the horizon.

    Getting this bird’s eye view of the business will help participant’s link their personal priorities to the company’s priorities. They’ll be more decisive when it comes time to decide what their department, division, or business unit must do and what it must stop doing. They’ll understand, and be able to articulate, why a particular set of priorities will make money and why those priorities are aligned with corporate goals.

    And as corporate goals are adjusted, shifted, and changed with a new letter, a new memo, or a new press release participants can return to the Executive Alignment tool throughout their career so that they’ll always have a clear fix on how they can help improve the business.

  • Job Aid: Action Plan
    Our classroom experience is not a mere intellectual exercise like many generic games and high costs simulations. Prior to stepping out of the classroom our participants start thinking in concrete terms. They’re provided an Action Planning tool to help them answer the inevitable question: What am I going to do to help my company’s money making in the next sixty to ninety days?

    And like the Navigating the Financials and Executive Alignment tools, our Action Plan can be reused over and over to help graduates keep their initiatives strategic, focused, and on track.

  • E-Learning Review
    With nearly 2 hours of short films, our E-Learning program was designed to be a companion to our bestselling book. It provides graduates with a great review of the basics they learned in class.

    The program can be made available on your company’s LMS or on the cloud for those who prefer a turnkey solution.

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